And THAT'S How You Throw An EASY WIN | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1571

And THAT’S How You Throw An EASY WIN | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1571

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ES_Jubilation — Jules Gaia
ES_Tools for Fools — Mike Franklyn
ES_Real Synth Music 1 (Indie Pop Version) — Stefan Netsman
ES_Jive and Dive — Moins Le Quartet
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

00:00 — Intro
00:31 — Moments
10:24 — Outro

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23 thoughts on “And THAT'S How You Throw An EASY WIN | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1571

  1. they should probably remove: BEHOLD (return him to that blasted tower)
    if the card can make the player ask themselves "should I tempo out a 2/6 on 4 that does nothing right away. then if you use a resurrect spell to bring him back you can get BEHOLD into BEHOLD into BEHOLD. even as someone who plays a resurrect deck it can get obnoxious)

    Behold Tree-Hee at 0:23

  2. Remove normal c'thun just for fact that so many other cards would be removed too. The ultimate board clear

  3. Convincing Infiltrator has greeted me one too many times! Time to say, “So long, strange non-human!”

  4. zephrys, absolutely loathe when this guy hits the board. The only counterplay I found so far as a F2P is esc->concede at least we both don't have to waste a couple of turns for me to lose.

  5. I would definitely remove twig of the world tree, right now you can’t print anymore Druid weapons or it’s an instant 10 mana ramp

  6. I would actually change or remove Nozdormu (classic). I don't think a card that can vary a mechanic of the game should remain.

  7. To be honest I might get a lot of hate, but please blizzard remove puzzle box of yogg. You remember how many people left the game, how pro's raged when yogg was in game? NOW YOU HAVE TWO! You don't need to prepare by casting tone of spells, and if 2 isn't enough you can throw prime which is half of its power but more controlled. Not even speaking of getting puzzle box from other spells.

    Please Blizzard, I know you wanna have fun in game but it is annoying when you loose 4 games in the row beacouse box said kill everything summon stuff for enemy.

  8. I'd preemptively remove whatever board clear priest is getting in scholomance, we all know they get at least 1 every expansion

  9. If I could make Hearthstone much better that would be by re-designing the texts of all the mana cheating cards into different mechanics. From all of them, I guess Quest Time Portal Mage should be the first one to go.

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