Best Decks In Ashes Of Outland

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Best Decks In Ashes Of Outland!
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Today we will be looking at the Best performing Decks in Ashes of Outland so far. The meta is still pretty shacky, but we are already seeing some new decks proving them selves worthy. With that being said, I would still not recommend crafting too much yet, since I’m pretty sure we will be seeing another wave of nerfs in the next couple of weeks, but time will tell. In this video, I will give you 5 of the best performing decks, their winrates, mulligan guide and if it’s a good idea to craft them. Anyway, drop a like if you enjoy what I’m doing and subscribe if you are new. Hope this helped you make a better choice for what you will and won’t be crafting. See you on tonight’s stream, where we will play some of these.

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✅ Deck Codes:
Aggro Tempo Demon Hunter:
Galakrond Warlock:
Spell Druid:
Galakrond Secret Rogue
Ver 1: AAECAaIHBrICkpcDwa4D47QDy8AD+8QDDJ4BtAGIB4+XA/6uA6qvA86vA4KxA8y5A865A9C5A7m+AwA=
Ver 2:
Highlander Mage:


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24 thoughts on “Best Decks In Ashes Of Outland

  1. I would like to see a video about Teron. I think he is a good card and decks which includes him are unique. Thnx for this video 💪.

  2. I’m at rank 1. I’m soo close to hitting legend for the first time but I can’t seem to find the deck for rank one!! If I play demon hunter I get smashed by rogues, if I play Warlock I misplay, if I play spell (token) druid, I play against all res priest and big druid or spell Druid that open with the nutz. Idk what to do?

  3. Of the warlock deck i have all the cards except for the new Legendary and normal Alex. What is a good sub?

  4. every video has the phrase ''pretty ugly pretty fast'' or ''pretty nutty pretty fast'' lol

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