BIG Ramp Druid Is Actually Insane | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

Ramp Overgrowth Embiggen Druid is just nuts. Being able to cheat huge amounts of mana out quickly then play giant minions that have taunt/rush or generate other big minions just wins games.

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21 thoughts on “BIG Ramp Druid Is Actually Insane | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. Awesome deck as always man. So in the absence of gruul, who apparently fits this deck like a glove on OJ, what would you recommend… I’m thinking Alexstrazsa, or possibly a batter head.. the idea of the tempo an embiggened batter head could offer seems enticing. Any thoughts?

  2. @warshack you NEED to check out Agro Totem Shaman , it is lowkey CRUSHING right now …. i went undefeated from gold 5 to plat 3 and my deck is still winning about to hit diamond …. i was watching Rarran play it yesterday in top 500 legend and he was smashing , i also checked out Chump's channel and he also had a 13-2 totem shaman deck in high legend …. seriously this deck was under rated and TBH i am kind of liking that this deck is Low key as a shaman main cause it feels like im the only shaman on the ladder right now , AND IM CRUSHINGGGGGG

  3. I've been trying to optimize this deck for the last couple days. What cards do you feel sit around in your hand and/or feel not great to play compared to others?

  4. Ok this deck is absolutely broken. I crafted Gruul cause he was one of like 4 legendaries i was missing. KEK XD and having fun. Yeah i suck and eent from gold 3 to plat 10 but didn't lose a game.

  5. Does anyone else notice how impossible it is to climb ladder now with the new ranking system once you hit platinum? With nerfs coming out the day after expansion, seems like Blizzard is more focused on programming bots to prevent you from climbing ladder than actually playtesting their new cards. I pulled Generous Mummy off Pharaoh Cat 9 out of 10 times yesterday, while my opponents were generating Khartut and Winged Guardian consistently. I've seen win conditions met from my opponents by generating random spells off random minions. I played a bomb warrior yesterday who shuffled 6 bombs by turn 5 and I drew every single one my following turn. Shit's rigged af.

  6. Sup Rob. I've been playing basically the same list, cutting ysera for the 3 mana prime (cause why not). I've been thinking, does this deck even need embiggen? It seems good with a more midrange list, but, once you ramp hard, I just dont know if the stats even matter. I've been thinking about adding 2 cards to deal with me not drawing my ramp, and potentially playing removal or drawing, but idk what it would be. Any thoughts?

  7. Just a heads up for everyone! if you play breath of dreams without a dragon in hand and draw one, you still get the mana crystal!

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