Budget Burn Shaman deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

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All it took was five nerf patches and a new free card to make budget shaman viable!


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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.

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18 thoughts on “Budget Burn Shaman deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

  1. Thanks for the content, I already have some of the cards thanks to the budget demon hunter, as a new player this is really helpful.

  2. I have very much enjoyed your last couple videos. There was something lighthearted and playful about you, perhaps even a bit cheeky. It's nice to see this side of you in videos. Maybe one of these days you will make a video about how you keep so calm during games that can sometimes be quite frustrating. Your ability to be so matter-of-fact when other people would likely tilt is admirable.

  3. I could seriously feel your sincere joy in that second game against warlock xD So fun.

  4. i played against you yesterday! i was the shaman player who plays 2x hungry crabs in my deck. i just get destroyed by your Hunter Budget deck, when you played on NA server.

    edit: i was playing the exact deck you recommended, the aggro burn shaman full cost, but instead of 2 lightning breaths i put 2x hungry crabs.

  5. Another 10/10 video OG, been waiting for you to make a budget version of burn shaman. Thank you for the great content as always!!

  6. Liked the video! Doing my part, haha! It really seems like, besides Hunter, the meta slowed quite a bit after the last patch. Climbed to legend with your Pure Pally! Thanks a ton!

  7. Deck is fantastic. Replaced one Marsh Spawn and one Transfer Student for a Vessina and a Fist of Ra-den. I was beating people so bad I was accused of being a netdecking d-bag within minutes. 🙂
    The Fist of Raden also let me play Spellkin into triple Reliquary of Souls on turn 8. Sure, I still lost that game, but that moment felt like winning.

  8. Wonderful video, OG! I've been watching and liking your content for a while and really appreciate the work you do to make interesting and competitive decks, especially the budget ones! I also really appreciate your kind and genuine personality. Keep up the wonderful work and thanks again!

  9. Looks like a neat deck. Is there something that I could replace Lady Vashj with? I already have Vessina. Thanks for the video and that warlock game it was an insane win.

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