ASHES OF OUTLAND MEGA-CARD REVIEW! - Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland — SOOO MANY NEW CARDS!
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27 thoughts on “ASHES OF OUTLAND MEGA-CARD REVIEW! — Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

  1. Kripp: Pit Commander is a very powerful card
    Basic Warlock decks with Sacrificial Pact: Hold my beer! 🍺

  2. What if you use Kayn against the Curator in the Karazhan dungeon?

    Also Liadrin is characters not just minions.

  3. I predict Fungal Fortunes will help Druid absolutely break the Kael combo decks that have been floating around. Cheap, only 2 minions in the deck so an extremely high percentage chance of not losing anything, and just superior to running Overflow.

  4. why is a BattleGrounds Streamer even talking about constructed card?
    he doesn't even play the same game anymore.

  5. bro.. i used to watch you everyday! but im not interested in BG.. can you please play more standard and arena again?

  6. Wait a second. Astromancer Solarian is a Mage card, but the npc is wearing warlock tier 4 🤔🤔🤔

  7. I love how Kripp didn't even attempt to pronounce the name of Archspore Msshi'fn

  8. I feel like Kripp has been playing so much of Battlegrounds that he forgot a lot of the names of cards that aren't used there. 😛

  9. Its so funny how no one understand Blizzards Decision on Leeroy and the Charge thing. There removed leeroy so no longer every class can summon Charge Minions. Do you get it now? Lmao

  10. 13:00 Game breaking pay 2 win epic card + mage best synergy again… boring game. Hearthstone is just like Wc3 Reforged. Keep making profit, don't get real value or identity. Just make broken expensive cards beneficial for high pay customers. Awww you are so brilliant Blizzard… woooooooooow

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