CRUSHING WITH THE *WORST* META DECK?! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — Turns out the worst deck in the meta is actually pretty good???
Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream ⭐

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23 thoughts on “CRUSHING WITH THE *WORST* META DECK?! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. I am wondering…

    The little fat one reacts to you when you pitch your voice during stream. Does Dex react when you say "decks" to the camera?

  2. I mean yeah.. if you build your deck sub-optimally. You probably should have copied Kibler's Plot Twist deck instead.

  3. Hey Kripp, can you try my bad deck too? Hahaha
    It's a mechathun control warrior with Grommash combo inside

    ### Mecha Grommash Combo
    # Class: Warrior
    # Format: Standard
    # Year of the Dragon
    # 1x (1) Eternium Rover
    # 2x (1) Shield Slam
    # 2x (1) Town Crier
    # 1x (2) Armorsmith
    # 1x (2) Battle Rage
    # 1x (2) Galvanizer
    # 1x (2) Loot Hoarder
    # 2x (2) Slam
    # 2x (2) Warpath
    # 2x (3) Acolyte of Pain
    # 2x (3) Bloodsworn Mercenary
    # 2x (3) Overlord's Whip
    # 2x (3) Shield Block
    # 1x (3) Voodoo Doll
    # 2x (4) Restless Mummy
    # 2x (5) Brawl
    # 1x (5) Zilliax
    # 1x (6) Emperor Thaurissan
    # 1x (8) Grommash Hellscream
    # 1x (10) Mecha'thun
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

  4. Great. Combo in the meta again. Woo hoooooo. I’m so excited to lose a game I played well to a kid who watched Kripps video and copy pasted the deck and plays it like trash.

  5. I got to play an even worse version of this deck through Zayle, and it was a no-quest Plot Twist Control Warlock, with Dollmaster Dorian and Fel Lord Betrug. I gotta say, the early game of that version was god-awful, and if you couldn't pull Dorian or even Betrug soon enough, then you were basically screwed. Especially if Plot Twist low-rolled and gave you back all spells.

  6. You didn't even talk about the blitzchung fuck up. You are such a corporate boot licker. U were afraid of rocking the boat.
    Lost all respect, u are just salty trash.

  7. Didn't know why I was playing against so many of these decks now I understand. Thanks for easing the load of BS evolve shamans on ladder daddy Kripp.

  8. YouTube needs to add a 3X Speed for Hearthstone alone… Rope. Rope. Snore…

    But could be: Zoop!

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