Dancin' with Pirates? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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19 thoughts on “Dancin' with Pirates? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. yo, the apm on this man it's like plays with his dog and still has time to work with infinite gold, legend

  2. this was some pro level gameplay which i would have never expected from a card game

  3. Murlocs are their own race so in theory any warcraft race could be made into a tribe just for battlegrounds it'd just depend on how apparent a race is in game like murlocs are notorious but just about any race could be skinned over a new set of cards after they are made even tortolans or something since they were in hearthstone years before they were added into wow * to add cards like spirit singer umbra would prolly work with goldrim essentially becoming a battlecry effect too and stonehill defender being a card which generates another card although they might be a bit too op on their own and too niche to form their own tribe

  4. Elementals and totems are the only tribes left in HS that are not in BGs

  5. I was playing with Deathwing and I arrived at the last 2 battles with 40 HP… the last one (that I had never encountered before in the game) was playing pirates… guess what? He killed me in 2 rounds… from 40 HP!!!! I pressed Alt-F4 instantly after that game… that cannot be a thing Blizzard

  6. Not infinite value, in infinity there will always be a situation when you won't get a pirate in ten rolls. That is how infinity work.

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