Diablo 2: 100 Nightmare Andariel Runs - Magic Find Results

Ever wondered what you could find in 100 Nightmare Andariel runs? I decide to find out myself. I hope you enjoy the results!

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26 thoughts on “Diablo 2: 100 Nightmare Andariel Runs — Magic Find Results

  1. I'm pretty sure it's accepted as fact that NM Andariel has the highest chance to drop SOJ

  2. It's pretty much widely agreed upon that NM Andariel is in fact the best source for a SoJ. There are some table's out there in which somone ran the numbers. I think it's almost like 1% SoJ-Chance when you first kill her for quest. Which is pretty much insanely high.

  3. Pro tip of the day if you’re doing nightmare runs max out teleport spell because you do not need the extra damage it will make your runs much more efficient without having to spam mana pots. My sorce Is down to two mana cost per Teleport with no gear I can spam teleport nonstop never have to use a mana pot.

  4. I have farmed Meph, Diablo and Baal a million times, and not found the soj. This week I farmed only Anda on Nightmare, and two sojs dropped. Been looking for it for 17 years o.O

  5. So you killed first boss 100 times? Does that mean you had to complete the game 100 times?

  6. I found Dull dagger 100% increase magic item from Rakanishu in Normal x'O it was sooo rare. saddely and stupitidy i deleted the char and forgot it.. while rolling a new sorc

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