Diablo 2: This is the Best Frenzy Barbarian you can make!

*See below for more info and timestamps*. So in this guide we’re taking a look at the frenzy barb. I had some request to re-do the old 2015 guide, and this is the result. Truely this build performs much better than I thought it would, so that was a nice suprise.

Intro: 0:02

Intro to the video itself 0:23

The important keybind trick/how to play 0:47

Disclaimer how I make builds (Aims/goals): 1:59

Skils: 2:54

How attack rating works: 5:37

How to fix your attack rating easily by inventory: 6:36

Add raw points into dex for attack rating is also good: 7:02

Time for stats, str, dex or vit? : 7:46 *Sorry for typo at 7:57…»5k life is EASY to get. So get more dmg, AR, and 3.000 life, or 5k life, choice is yours.

How much does str matter for damage? 8:06 (Pictures)

You dont need 5k life, 3k is enough 8:30

Teleport setup and gear 9:28

Merc setup: 10:18

Gear time: 11:00

Socket in helm: 11:40

Upgrade your items: 12:25

Rings: 12:54

Fortitude or Enigma: 14:20

Pre-buff gear: 15:08

Weapon choices (Grief vs some fools): 15:20

Why dual wield grief is the best weapons:

Why consider death runeword maybe: 16:18

End of video gameplay info 16:55

How much does pre-buff gear matter? : 17:18

Start of gameplay + 5 min aim: 17:50

Damage! 18:35

Stupid physical immune and merc 19:20

rip seal… 19:52

20:06 Lord the RIPPER

20:25…»Lost alot of time start of clip, just wait….»

21:03 Revenge

21:45 Diablo boss damage

22:02 End of video and thoughts

As Always feel free to comment if you have any questions! Hope you enjoyed my video!

Comment, like/dislike or subscribe, anything is appreciated!

Playlist D2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL572l_p8CSwyHlw0H7kt2ovX-ZpIcgQUz


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36 thoughts on “Diablo 2: This is the Best Frenzy Barbarian you can make!

  1. Not the best frenzy set up. Your attack rating is low. Using grief cb and ebotd cb you get your duel leech from the ebotd so you can use the angelic set for a massive ar boost also use a demon limb for enchant my frenzy barb has 22000 attack rating

  2. A might merc with delirium helm is crowd control for frenzy builds.. I completely ignore war cries unless it is a synergy bonus for frenzy or berserk..

  3. Forti provides u with higher dmg, but Nigma+Reapers toll Merc kills faster. Tele right into a crowd. Crowd gets decrepified and starts melting.

    Also, dual Griefs are better on p1 to maybe p3 but I think Grief+Death kills faster above p5 with Deaths' crushing blow.

    U may think Grief+Death is slower or is cumbersome to continuously lift yr glove side Death Eth CS for the WSM bug. But if u wear an Enigma that requires less strength than to lift yr Eth CS, it automatically activates the bug just by switching gears. So frenzy will always hit 5FPA(or 10).

  4. Grief + death doing more dmg and i think str added is not adding much dmg wile using dual grief but when you use dual botd Or ă botd + death , în that case will add alot dmg

  5. Are you using 2 Call to Arms? if yes change one into hoto or spirit because the +3 to BO works only on one of them so the other CTA gives you only +1 to all skills
    You can see that in the Skilltree when you are changing normaly it must be +8 but it is only +5 to BO
    Thats not a Bug it's a feature 😉

  6. i really love your guides and have used with for a few of my chars

    I found a azurewrath this ladder and decided to replace my lawbringer pb to try it out. Not only have i gotten more dps in my offhand, ive found that the magic & cold dmg is enough to destroy physical immunes in 1-2 hits. i haven't used berserk since I've started useing azurewrath & Grief , my runs have gotten way faster. i know it may be hard to find but i think its a really nice alternative untill you can get that second grief or death.

  7. Wish I had a Lo rune. I'd make fortitude. I think enigma is not good for barbarian. I have all runes for enigma. But I'm thinking to make faith bow.

  8. I wonder how a top geared wolf barb can perform in comparison. While frenzy hits a lot harder than feral range, the wolf barb can carry beast as an offhand (for fanaticism) and can afford to pump more in str since he gets extra life from transforming. With a bunch of max damage/AR charms I bet it can it’ll get pretty close

  9. Wow! Milabrega's Regalia Ancient Armor xD…. I Only has: Milabrega's ORB. Shield. & Milabrega's … Eeh… (forgot name) Crown !. Want those. All pieces! For. Paladin.. Hehe!

  10. ww grief zerker axes — eni, guli 30 max jool, — r toll — and around 4 minutes in 8 players — job is done . WW>>> frenzy . frenzy is only better a bit in singletarget scenerio

  11. In 15 years of game, i never saw a etheral phase blade…. serious doubts about the legit side of these objects

  12. I dont know why mod-makers still didn't created something like a moba-arena with all the items probably reworked for a balance, because pvp in game isn't that good and there is no reason in a high tire build like this cool frenzy barb. Can u imagine something like Dota 1 or 2 map mixed with HoN in a Diablo 2 style — without map scrolling , the same locked screen camera but as dota, u are picking a character at the beginning and the game maybe goes like 4×4 instead of 5×5 to simplify gameplay with only 1 character type for each side, so u cant take 4 paladins for example or something like that. Fast pvp arena with gold farming and assembling, probably mixed with Diablo 1 items

  13. I used BoTD and LW and did some different things with my skills and it was faster then this.

  14. In my opinion it's annoying that when you use frenzy with the right mouse button the names of the monsters are not displayed. That really fucks me up.

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