Digging for GOLDEN DEEEEEMONS | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Sometimes you just get there.
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41 thoughts on “Digging for GOLDEN DEEEEEMONS | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Simple fix to Eudora, the golden you dig up doesn't grant you a discover. Like seriously, WHY does it do that? Reno doesn't do that. And it's one of the biggest reasons for Reno being such trash.

  2. So on a comment of firebat saying "demon beasts" I think it would be pretty cool to have synergies between 2 of the many tribes as an overlap. Make those curves from midgame to lategame feel more interesting ya know?

  3. Remember the pogo game (what was it, like yesterday) where he got destroyed by enemy deathrattle rng, now look at him destroying Yogg with deathrattle rng, that ghastcoiler turned into a boat, which turned into 12 damage

  4. Taunting imp mama was a massive misplay due to missing multiple and more multiple demons after doing it. Maybe I'm wrong but that seemed to hurt your comp a lot.

  5. Another crazy AFK start is double Khadgar, into token, sell token, level, triple into Bronze Warden. If Bronze Warden dies before the Khadgars, it will summon 4 copies without reborn. I've done it twice.

  6. It used to be Eudora and Hooktusk. Then they nerfed Hooktusk and now it's just Eudora. Why'd they leave Eudora alone though?

  7. I think you could make a decent argument for Eudora, Deryl and Maiev being tier 1 rather than putting Eudora in it by herself. She's definitely better than them, but they're all above 4, and everybody else is below 4.

  8. Sometimes I think Mr. Bat likes the Taunt Buff Man a little too much. Freezing for him and nothing else? Anyway, always love the content

  9. I wish i had more time to watch stream live instead of vods and youtube highlights 🙁
    Love you firebat!

  10. Damn he has a Galaxy S10e but uses a webcam instead to film a skit?! Boi, sorry to break it to you, but you done messed up on that 😬 That phones got a great camera!

  11. Golden demons from digging is actually bad cos you don't get the full impact of three individual cards

    So actually demons are the worst digs. Murlocs pirates etc are best digs.

  12. 13:53 It would have been great to see you at least consider the murloc transition. You're playing a top3 comp and already have brann so depending on opponents it was a good opportunity.

  13. I like when he realizes a golden battlemaster is actually half as strong as it should be because you didn't get the stats from the first two.

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