Dog Tries the Exodia Deathrattle Build | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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25 thoughts on “Dog Tries the Exodia Deathrattle Build | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Well, one can't get luckier than dog did. and then sniping of the Mama every. single. time.
    I need to try hard to not get tilted by this video….

  2. this comp is CRAZY man, battlegrounds is kinda starting to get figured out i feel like

  3. If opponent has zapp. Getting hyenas. Zapp if first would hit bomb and selfless hero even if golden. You would end up with like 6 26s without divine shield.

  4. Opponent was a fucking idiot, if he just cleaved the wolf it ends the combo so why wasn’t the cleaver first?

  5. Dude, i love dog, but it hurts me so much that he can't understand how tf this build works. He's supposed to be good right?

  6. Afk played so bad. Just getting a single ghoul himself would have won the game

  7. I won using this build using slight differences, I had a 7/9 Cave Hydra that i kept instead of selfless hero(i didnt find any) it survives the ghoul and then gets super buffed and ends up being somehing like a 28/28 cleave… really powerful!

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