Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 475 (Grandmasters Global Finals 2019 Special)

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ES_Rendezvous 1 — Martin Landh

ES_Latin Dinnerjazz 2 — Magnus Ringblom

Ansia Orchestra — Warlock (Fiery Lake 2016)

ES_Glitz At The Ritz 1 — Gavin Luke

ES_In The Ruins Of Detroit 3 — Peter Sandberg

ES_War Drums — Andreas Ericson

ES_Intense Thrill 1 — Johannes Bornlof

Audionatix — You so zany

ES_Thriller Mind Games — Adam Friesendorff

Kevin MacLeod — Fig Leaf Times Two

Ansia Orchestra — Honor and Glory

Ansia Orchestra — The Edge

ES_Dauntless — Jo Wandrini


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50 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 475 (Grandmasters Global Finals 2019 Special)

  1. Aint no kid say that to her. Fuck outta here. Why make up some stupid story like that?

  2. She victimized herself. What a shame … Would be so beautiful her victory without that kind of speech.

  3. This is more like a highlight reel of the best moments than a funny/lucky moments compilation

  4. Как же парашнице рандомно полностью завезло…

  5. Ну на русские субтитры вы решили положить хер, мы так и поняли…

  6. PNC is like a new palyer on HS like he did missplays like a newplayer would do

  7. As a man, who likes his manliness much, I have to tell : Women can achieve great things, often greater than men — all a person needs is to work hard and aim for the start — there will be competition on the way, and you may lose. But fear of a loss should never stop you, because if you fear loss, you will lose anyway, but if you don't, then you may succed.

    Realy, that goes for anyone — be it a man or woman. A word to men too — you can defeat anyone if you want.

    All you need is lot of work, and a bit of luck. But you make your own luck.

  8. 24:00 thats the meaning of real feminism, a example of what to do, a example of bravery, not scream and victimize yourself, i love it, lion is an example for what is right

  9. Hahaha watching this and seeing a deck I have…in similarity..and realizing I'm terrible because I never win with it 😆😆

  10. God how awful is that. You work hard, creating your decks and play style, picking the right cards for the situation, and all of it gets push aside because of your sex.

  11. 1:10 can we fucking delete this card? PLEASE?! Fucking hate Leroy, always begrudgingly use it in my aggro decks and only when nothing else works. And thats when im using it. idk if theres been a card that shuts down fun decks harder. The only part id play devils advocate is he might keep priest from being boring as fk. But right now with the dragons expan, quest priest is in that unbearable state. Its not even that op, its just, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR fucking boring. I quit every single game against quest priest I don't even care if I can win, its a waste of my time. …. anyways this was supposed to be about leeroy hate, fk that card.

    Look at those poor asian mother fkers, they don't look happy to win that way.

  12. so fun so fun, lethal at turn 5 2times in row, so much fun and interactivity
    "board racing" mhm so much fun. No brain, no good plays, no value, no interactivity
    just THWACK THWACK face. If the game has more than 6 rounds, its considered a missmatch

  13. That ending made me cringe. Firstly, why the host makes so much accent on her gender? Secondly, why the fuck she says "forget your gender"? Stop giving a fuck about stereotypes, but don't forget your gender. Because this is who you are.

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