Get Better at Hearthstone in 10 Minutes or Less

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to 2pPressStart! Today we’re launching a new series, and we’re going to call it «Get Better at ________ in 10 Minutes or Less». This is going to be a multi-game series where we share a few tips and tricks designed to help novice players improve their game — whatever that game may be — in 10 minutes or less.

Episode 1 features Hearthstone! So in this video I’m going to talk my way through a few pointers for newer Hearthstone players. And when I say new-er, I’m talking about players who aren’t brand new to the game — I mean players who know their way around the basic mechanics, and are familiar with basic terms like «removal» and «sweeper» and that sort of thing. Who I’m targeting here are players who are looking to up their game and make the jump out of that «new player» tier. And of course this won’t be an end-all be-all guide, we’ve only got 10 minutes. The advice and examples given here are by no means exhaustive, so feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments or send me a PM/Email if you’re so inclined.

If there’s a game you’d particularly like to see me make one of these guides for, please let me know that, too!

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38 thoughts on “Get Better at Hearthstone in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. Any advice for playing against hunters? Particularly, how to shut down their way OP class special? Even with a huge advantage, after a certain point they'll fire that thing off, without reprieve, the rest of the match.

  2. I always attacked the player when I had the opportunity but now I will aim to control the board more, thank you so much 🙂

  3. Lemme tell you a story I was off cam just playing hearthstone, I clicked play for a random person. He was tough, he got me down to 2 health and he was on 21 health, so lucky I kept my tough minions in my hand, I placed them at the board, lucky I had a taunt then ill be dead. And I took that guy down with 6? Cards, and remember I was just on 2 health and bet him.

  4. Dude I just watched this and went straight to game remembering only 'control the board' and 'card advantage' and seriously out of 7 games I only lost once, twice they quit and twice I made epic comebacks and won the games with 2/3 health left because I didnt deviate from your advice. Just those first two principles have made me a much better player instantly. Thank you.

  5. was stuck on getting a second class, watched video, beat all classes in first try 😀

  6. you guys know the tutorial??? the one with like tons of people going against you? i beat every single one of those, then i foundm my self against illidan or someone, and the game told me he was super op, and this was an unfair match, blame the developers. I beat him. I went on to my first game. I lost it against some guy.

  7. Even before Naxx all of these were common sense. A lot has changed, don't always try for the "two for one" as of you said as maybe you are playing face hunter and need the steam. Maybe you are playing control warrior and need the pressure. Having more cards than your opponent only gives you a frame on what card they may have next; that is it. Just play around whether they are likely to swipe or whether they can hex your mountain giant. After all, this game is ALL RNG

  8. Witch class should i use previousley i have been using warrior but as i get better and better it just makes warrior harder. Ps i play without paying so limited cards;)

  9. Your lesson on Life as a Resource is something I may use. I always get scared that if I don't heal, or take too much damage when I'm supposed to attack, I will die.

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