Getting Legend with a new Tempo Mage deck!

Had a lot of fun with a new Tempo Mage build (Credits to FB Chat for deck). I don’t think it’s the best mage deck but it was surprisingly viable!

Code: AAECAf0EBvisA+ewA4GxA+G2A8W4A427Awy7AqsE5gSWBZ+bA/+dA/WsA/qsA/usA/2sA/GvA8O4AwA=

Facebook stream:


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15 thoughts on “Getting Legend with a new Tempo Mage deck!

  1. Can someone calculate the odds of getting damn near infinite on the arcan breaths? That was insane and I love it!

  2. gg i really want to see again cyclone mage ! but without elemental evocation the deck is bad :/

  3. Hey hey apxvoid! I watched your casino mage a couple days ago.. and wanted to try it out.. and im not a mage player by any means.. but that deck is so friggin fun! I think i might be now.. i lost my first game, just figuring out combos and stuff.. then havent lost a game since.. on a little win streak right now near the top of plat.. getting into diamond.. and i think i found one of my new favorite decks! So thanks man! Hehe!

  4. hey Void, will you play Wild Secret Mage sometime so I can hopefully learn how to hit Legend? Thanks in advance.

  5. matched only vs face hunters after making the list, dont think it stands a chance but maybe im playing matchup wrong?

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