GLOWFLY Token Spell Druid! | Standard | Hearthstone

Not the Glowflies!

Deck Code: AAECAZICAv0Cw5QDDkDtA/cD5gXKnAPTnAOvogPtogPvogP8rQP/rQP5tQPlugPvugMA


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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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21 thoughts on “GLOWFLY Token Spell Druid! | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. This deck is insane! So much better than mount seller and kael imo. This deck got me to legend for the first time! I was stuck between ranks 2 and 5 since day 3 of the expansion. You're a genius, Trump.

    From my experience, kael and mountseller could fill the board about 4ish times, give or take, and if that was cleared u just lose. Whereas this deck can start being a threat in the first few turns with treeinformencet, the lifesteal guys, rising wind, etc. but this deck can also fill the board many times as it goes late with the double glowfly, double force of nature and double forests aid. This deck is super resilient against boardwipes becuase you just keep filling it. And usually you only need a board of minions to survive just once to win with savage roar and other buff cards. especially since this deck runs double savage unlike most other lists ive seen.

  2. This deck is extremely similar to free treant druid deck you can get for not playing the game for a while.

  3. I like the version of this with Kaelthas and Overflow. You can mega highroll with Innervate+Coin+Kaelthas shenanigans.

  4. This seems like a strictly worse version of the deck. I think ramp spell Druid is way stronger

  5. Interessante como falam mal do Caçador de demônios e esquecem que o Duidra sempre dominou o meta.

  6. Why aren't people playing quest spell druid? It almost seems like a natural fit to me, Rising Winds, Power of the Wild, Treenforcements, the 6 mana heal 12 create a 6/6, cenarius for big board states?

  7. Trump plays on rank 10/5 against some fun (not meta) decks and only makes arrogant statements… you have to love him 😀

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