Goya Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

If it’s Goya, it has to be good.


Deck Code: AAEBAR8G0RSoqwKFuALxxgLCzgKG0wIMtQPJBJcI1BHpqwL4sQLrvQLd0gLf0gLj0gLkpAPzuwMA

00:00 Odd Demon Hunter
07:03 Odd Paladin
14:26 Pirate Warrior


35 thoughts on “Goya Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAEBAR8G0RSoqwKFuALxxgLCzgKG0wIMtQPJBJcI1BHpqwL4sQLrvQLd0gLf0gLj0gLkpAPzuwMA

  2. Are you excited about that 1 mana 1/4 spoiled for priest? seems like a Chump card to me

  3. Never have I ever seen anyone make use of Madam Goya until now. Madam Goya in 2020 boys.

  4. And this is probably why I don't wanna play wild.. Odd DH, Odd Paly, Pirate warrior back to back.. OOF

  5. The wild looks like you have to play aggro against aggro, or play board control then summon big boi against aggro atm

  6. This the "last hurrah" series of this expansion or are we gonna make some more star aligner decks? Time will tell but chump will not

  7. Lemma tell ya you really got have a big pair of goyas to play something like this

  8. That pirate warrior could’ve still won, because you had 3 bombs in your deck. Even though it was only a small chance, he could’ve at least taken that small chance.

  9. This really highlights how weak of a card piranha launcher is in comparison to desert spear. Would unleash the hounds work better?

  10. sad to report to everyone that Rexxar has been arrested for the federal crime of promoting Madam Goya's illegal minion dealing business while serving as a member of the Chump Administration

  11. While unlikely, in the first game the shithorse coulda jousted your lich king and their Baku, probably the only way you woulda lost the joust but still not guaranteed

  12. I loved this deck back in the days, I believe I discovered your channel with it! And you're bringing it back!

  13. Hey Chump, do you think you can make Even-inspire-Demon-Hunter work?
    Any 0 cost hero power is pretty broken.

  14. 6:25 OK, who else wholly expected Warhorse to pull that shuffled 1 mana piranha from Chump's deck for the joust?

  15. Remember when summoning 4/5 of stats on turn 1 or a 10 drop on turn 6 were just Druid things?

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