(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) There's No Comp Like Menagarie

(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Archthief Rafaam
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 9 in E major, Op. 14 no. 1 by Beethoven, performed by Paul Pitman


15 thoughts on “(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) There's No Comp Like Menagarie

  1. Dang I haven't seen kibler in a while, so wish omnislash was still a thing! loved them all on that, please make a new podcast kibler…… and invite me

  2. Menagerie misspelled and wrong hero in the description.

    On a more constructive note, why does Kibler have such crazy good luck all the time? Even when he's "unlucky" for not getting Amalgadon on his triples he's insanely lucky for putting together all those triples.

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