Hearthstone - Control Shaman After the Patch

Control shaman after the buffs/nerfs in the latest patch. Cards like the lurker below were buffed so maybe control shaman decks in ashes of outland will be better now?

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31 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Control Shaman After the Patch

  1. Now instead of 20 Rank or Chicken Rank meme we can now say "Ha! 20k legend plays"
    Meanwhile sobbing in the corner that you still hadn't made it past Silver League

  2. I'm playing Highlander Shaman. Doing pretty well against Demon Hunter! As I include The Lurker Below and the 5 Mana 3/3 Deal 3 Dmg to a Minion Type

  3. Barely hit legends recently for the first time ever
    Attacks quest priest’s face with 1-2 damage on board
    You still don’t stop with the misplays do you?

  4. Seriously? Two more health, I would still run fire elemental instead at least that goes face, meanwhile lady vashj is even more useless as a worse skull of guldan with extra conditions, how does a sane person issue these as legendaries?

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