Hearthstone CroKnows: Deck Building 101

Welcome to new a series called Croknows where StrifeCro discusses in depth what he knows about Hearthstone and what you can do to be ultimately a better player,

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Video Edited By: Fran “FrancyCakes” Kang


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38 thoughts on “Hearthstone CroKnows: Deck Building 101

  1. Thanks! make more videos like this please. You already explain tons of info during your matches and I think more videos like deck building 101 would be great. The again

  2. I fell like this isnt a 101 episode … For me this is a more advanced video on Power vs. Consistency.

  3. The way that you defined synergy is closer to the definition of a supporting combo. A combo pertains of two cards that make a significant impact in the in the game. That can be something game winning like force of nature and savage roar, or something that supports your deck, like muster for battle and quarter master. Synergy is a different concept that adds to both the power level of your deck and to its consistency. Your deck's synergy can come from a theme such as having a murloc/mech/dragon deck, in which the more of these cards you include, the more likely you are to get their particular gimmicks off. But in can also be harder to see. For example: a flamewaker mage deck is so powerful and consistent because it has a lot of synergy between cheap minions that make your spells better and cheap spells that make your minions better. Mirror image and arcane missiles are objectively terrible spells, and they never saw serious play before flamewaker came out because flamewaker pushes their power levels to new heights. But similarly flamewaker wouldn't be nearly as scary without the existence of these cheap 1 mana spells. When you add more cards like sorcerers apprentice into the mix, the deck only gets stronger. Another deck that exemplifies synergy is a control priest deck. It has so many spells and healing options, and it has minions like auchenai soul priest or Northshire cleric. By themselves, cards like light of the naaru and circle of healing would be terrible, but the fact that you can combo them with the creatures listed above, and even others like injured blade master and wild pyromancer makes having all of these cards more viable. But what pushes the deck from being a combo deck to a synergy based deck is the fact that you don't just need auchenai and circle of healing. Circle of healing works with a long list of other cards in the deck, as do auchenai soul priest or wild pyromancer. The fact that you can pick two random cards out of a control priest deck or a flamewaker deck, and they have a very high probability of working together makes is what defines the decks as synergy based. Since you can match almost any two cards together, that makes it very consistent, and the synergy does also Raise the power level because if you look at each card alone, it probably wouldn't be good enough to go into a deck by itself (circle of healing/arcane missilesm).

  4. the title alone made me very happy, so many random decks working atm we need a wise man to guide us in this adventure:)

  5. Ty StrifeCro for making this video. Haven't watched it yet but I really need to become a better deck builder so I would love more videos like this. ty 🙂

  6. Such a likeable, humble, down-to-earth and sweet talking person might seriously convince me to play secret paladin — I actually caught myself seriously thinking about it for a few moments in the beginning of the video. Which is impossible since I absolutely hate it & consider it by far the most unbalanced, ridiculous and unfair deck in HS at the moment. And I'm not one of the "if you can't fight them, join them" crew.

  7. this is great! more of it please ;D
    oh yeah, and i really do appreciate the little things, like the justicar edit ^^

  8. Strifecro
    Recently I have been working on a really cool control/naga sea witch priest and I was wondering if there is a away I can send it to you and get your advice on any improvements. The deck seems to be okay (but I'm only at a low rank at the moment) and has some really cool combos and it would mean a lot if you could help me improve it. I know it's never going to be a meta deck but I really think it has potential. Thank you.

  9. Thanks — that was interesting. I've been making some abominable monstrosities. Mechmage with Gelbin, Foe Reaper, Sneed's, Boom, Archmage AND duplicates for my mechwarpers. I'm an idiot, clearly.

  10. I just find it funny that he calls out Deathwing as unnecessary, having just recently lost a match to one. Good vid Strife.

  11. great vid 🙂 i love the way you think in terms of card choices, your lists always seem to be my "go to" lists when I want to netdeck lol

  12. This is all either very abstract or very obvious, and I'm not sure what it actually contributes. It doesn't describe what is involved in actual deckbuilding, just talks about some concepts about what some good decks have or don't have.

  13. +StrifeCro TLDR: An idea for an upcoming croknows video!

    Another related topic with Consistency is Mana Curve.
    I used to play MTG and i was very logical with numbers when making a deck. The 60 card deck was divided in 20 lands and 40 cards. The 4 copies of a card usually means i want to play it every single game, and even having more than one is a good thing. With 3 copies, i just want the card to be played once in each game or having just one on the board at the same time. WIth 2 copies just the situational tech cards. That formula on numbers and average mana curve made me a better deck builder.
    When i started to play Hearthstone i was very confused on "how many 1-3 minions a deck can have" and "how long the mana curve should be" to make an optimal deck.
    I know deck archetypes and situational cards comes into play here and a balance has to be made, but took me a while to figure it out. It's not often clear.
    I would like you to tell us about your point of view of that, and if you feel it's worth, making a Croknows video about your opinion on the Mana Curve balance. I would love to see your insight.

  14. I just hating building decks from a large collection (main reason I haven't built a magic deck for a while)

  15. if i can offer a little criticism, i think your video was targeted at players who already knew a decent amount about hearthstone. By the 4:00 mark, you had talked so much about specific cards and cases that I, as a new player, was completely lost. the concepts you were trying to convey were good, but your examples were overly specific in a way that made it hard to follow for me.

  16. The interface is not intuitive. I can't figure out how to make a deck like literally. When i try to swap cards it doesn't seem to work . I cant find any tutorials dealing with the interface. All i want to do is swap cards etc… Any help would be appreciated.

  17. I get it, I should have commented a year ago. But I'm honestly peeved about the fact that this video is titled "Deck Building 101." In every other 101 video I've seen, the content of the video consists of doing whatever it is you're trying to teach. Sketching 101 videos consist of sketching, cooking videos of cooking, etc. There isn't a frame in this video where Cro actually builds a deck. So why call it "Deck Building 101?" On top of that; it felt to me like he was trying to explain such a vague series of concepts. "Quartermaster decreases your consistency", but after watching this video I couldn't tell you WHY that's true despite that being a direct quote from the video. To me, it is nothing but a disservice to your viewers to make a guide that doesn't even take the time it needs to clarify its concepts for people. Assume you're teaching total idiots, or you'll fail to teach anyone a good majority of the time. This is just my critique, and in no way serves to discredit StrifeCro. But I feel someone had to point out how alienating and vague this whole video is for the vast majority of people who would need a "Deck Building 101" video.

  18. yeah, just saying. I'm not new to hearthstone and in no way new to tcgs, but you can't call this a 101 when most of the time you just mention a card by name and expect everyone to know what it does. I have no idea what you're talking about since I don't know most of my cards by name (I have problems remembering names in general). either explain the effects and usage of the combo or don't mention it (in a 101).

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