Hearthstone Grim Patron Warrior #1 - Tough deck to play

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While it might be tempting to reduce the gameplay of this deck to «wait for a crazy combo, go off and win» the truth is that there is a lot of nuance to it and it’s often very tough to figure out what the best move is.

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0:00 vs midrange Paladin
8:25 vs tempo Mage
14:53 vs Handlock

Hearthstone decklist archive: http://imgur.com/a/YwWYx

Music at the beginning and end is Legend of One — Kevin MacLeod(http://incompetech.com)


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33 thoughts on “Hearthstone Grim Patron Warrior #1 — Tough deck to play

  1. I get the worst draws when i  user this build lose like 5 in a row before i get a good draw

  2. What are you using for the deck tracker?

    If its hearthstone deck tracker how did you get it to show up in OBS/xplit?

  3. ༼ ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ EVERYONE,GET IN HERE ༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º ༽

  4. Missed lethal at 18:57:
    >Summon Warsong Commander — Mana: 6/8 Our minions: 3 Their: 4
    >Summon Warsong Commander — Mana: 4/8 Our minions: 4 Their: 4
    >Summon Unstable Ghoul — Mana: 3/8 Our minions: 5 Their: 4
    >Summon Dread Corsair — Mana: 3/8 Our minions: 6 Their :4
    >Summon Frothing Berserker — Mana: 1/8 Our minions 7(capped) Their:4
    >Attack Into Ancient Watcher. +12 Attack Frothing (14 now) at 3hp. 4/9 Drake.
    >Attack Ghoul Into Twilight Drake. +11 attack frothing (25 now) at 2 hp.
    > Attack Dread Corsair and warsong into drake.
    > attack frothing into face.

  5. Can someone please explain to me how legend works I always wondered what the numbers ment and everything

  6. The only thing that sucks about this deck is how damn long the animations take and you run out of time.

  7. Can you say "like" a bit more often?  I don't think you say it enough.

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  9. is this a glitch cuz when i try to get my grim patron in a deck i cant find him, what do i hav to do

  10. 1:47 with auto captions

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    I guess I shoulda job offers the but this before a landing I will wrong hands free.

    2:42 I will really want this fight like us so much to gain from a decir nothe patron pally don't let the combo all we need is get a couple patrons into patrons prints GG as they can never kill 333 teens in time because she found the singer like for us plustracker surfer 1 maybe attack while by Carolill that way approaches… holy fuck this is so funny.

  11. guys to be honest now… to play face hunter/patron warrior only requires you to have the iq of a fishstick..

  12. Damn, rewatching this after the rise and fall of patron, you really start to pick up on the mistakes and realise that every single game here had critical mistakes in. Goes to show just how much nuance the deck had. RIP Patrons.

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