(Hearthstone) Highlander Shaman Showdown

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Singleton Spell Shaman VS Shaman
Deck Code: AAECAaoIHvkDgQT1BP4F/wWyBsAHrZEDipQDxZkDpaED/KMD4aUDhKcDkKcDu60DgbEDkbED27IDhLYD5LcD5rcD27gD5LgDk7kDl7kDmLkD5b4D5r4Dk8IDAAA=
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Music: Polonaise in C minor, Op. 40 no. 2 by Chopin, performed by Luis Sarro


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16 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Highlander Shaman Showdown

  1. Kibler has some sort of unholy pact with Bandersmosh, of this I am absolutely certain

  2. Kibler's actual deck felt like all it did was struggle to keep up with his opponent. Bandersmosh carried. Would be interested to know this deck's record when he's done with it.

  3. any replacement for lady Vashj? idk if i want to craft it, everyone say that Vashj is not good..

  4. I felt really good, until I found out that Shiro is almost 14… Hopefully he will stick around for a long time

  5. What are you talking about my man. If you use earthshock here 1:30 he's would be 10_9 with no effects.

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