(Hearthstone) Shaman Showdown + Nagrand Slam Shenanigans

(Ashes of Outland Theorycrafting Stream) 2 games: Spell Shaman VS Shaman, Kael’Thas Hunter VS Demon Hunter
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Music: Piano Sonata No.32 In C Minor, Op.111 — 1. Maestoso — Allegro Con Brio Ed Appassionato by Beethoven, performed by Paul Pitman


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47 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Shaman Showdown + Nagrand Slam Shenanigans

  1. if you think that it can't get more aggro than the current meta, wait for the next expansion, this game is digging her own grave.

  2. It was only fair that Kibler should have let Purple win that game. I guess that the memes aren't that murciful after all

  3. Pretty big BM to tell the guy to let you live and then kill him with meme shenanigans.

  4. God, demon hunter seems insanely aggressive…
    I hated to play against face decks before, it seems it will get even worse

  5. That was dumb, and scumbag, you should have conceded your match because purple gave you the win. Absolutely disrespectful…

  6. Me — oh cool the new Shaman actually won against another deck, maybe there is hope for the class!
    First match — ends up being against another Shaman >_<
    Second match — oh cool he's playing against a demon hunter and is going to win with Shaman!
    … oh … he isn't playing Shaman in this match >_<

  7. Holy moses! So i started the new ladder system, with an 8 star bonus.. i won 2 games, then on my 3rd straight win, they gave me double stars, so 16 stars.. i went from bronze 10 to 1 in 3 games.. in about 20-25 minutes or less… so when i continue later, i hope i can keep it going up unto platinum/diamond then push for legend this month after the xpac! Wooo! How have your alls experiences been so far?

  8. Wow damn.. that nagrand slam damn neat went all face anyways! Haha! That truly is a hunter card if ive ever seen one

  9. That's the first time I've ever seen shaman winning in this whole event, and it's a shaman mirror match lol

  10. idk what the title of this deck is, but if it isn't "spellementals" I think you're missing out on a great opportunity

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