Hearthstone is dying

Wild Mode is being raped to bits by this awful deck.

come watch me EAT SHIT


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11 thoughts on “Hearthstone is dying

  1. why do you even play the game anymore? Wild is nothing but a who gets the Barnes or melon first. The mode is a joke man. Play to rank 5 get your gold epic and farm your quest and some gold each day. There is nothing else further to play for in the game frankly its completely FUCKING BORING. I can't even bring myself to play to rank 5 from 9 anymore thats how dumb it is. Standard is the same way flip a coin. The game is GHEY move on man. Fuck Blizzard and the polished shit they put out. I for one am done. They can make whatever shit they want I don't care. I don't engage in events , I don't watch streamers, I don't participate in shit related to the game and never would. I beat the game won everything there is to win and now its time to move on. Go play shadowverse. man and tell Blizzard to go fuck themselves.

  2. Yeah I agree with your first part especially, no one plays anything but meta even at rank 20 it’s sad, but people keep paying so they’ll keep screwing people tryna have fun.

  3. Hey man,always loved your content,you probably dont remember me but once you have played a fatigue mage suggested by me (good old jade idol time,lol).im 100% with you, i feel your frustation about the game.i was playing togwaggle druid before that shitty card was printed,and it's just ridicolous that blizzard allowed something like that lol.Just decided to destroy the colletion cause i had this feeling about time and money invested onthe game that keep me playing this game,but now it's gone and i feel so much better,probably because im an idiot.but I'll still watch your daily rant :^)

  4. all games will die if they cant get new players.
    And Hearthstone is the last game i will show a friend.
    They realse cards way to fast. U need u BUy so many fking packs.
    I got a 6 months break and now i can delate this game because i cant farm 2 diffrent packs,.
    and i dont wanna pay 300 euro for playing a online card game.
    This game will Die and its ok

  5. Man I remember when I started playing the game back in beta, got my gold frame priest within half a year, always creates my custom priest decks since I loved the class plus that’s what I main in WoW so it made sense. Played all the way 2 Old Gods, now olds God’s was the beat time for new players to enter since everyone got a free C’thuun, and budget cthuun decks we’re decent enough, after that I stopped for about a year then came back and realized how shitty the game has become.

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