Hearthstone Mage Mass Explosion deck  | Fireworks

A funny deck ! Missiles everywhere ! If you like the video support me with a share and subscribe. I`ll come up with a guide and show the deck build… Win rate …


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33 thoughts on “Hearthstone Mage Mass Explosion deck | Fireworks

  1. Love the idea! I feel like it could use 2x Ice Lance though! That's a much easier 9 dmg to get in mana-wise with malygos up. Looking at the decklist it's hard to decide what to pull out though… maybe 1 ice barrier 1 novice removed?

  2. It worked on my first try. It was ridiculously fun to lay down that combo. Thank you!

  3. Always wanted a mage deck that uses Malygos, but i wonder though. At the first clip, how did you survive with that many cards in hand? Were you really this greedy?

  4. I love playing this deck. I dont have ice blocks so i replaced them with fireballs. The extra damage can really win games. I've won games where I didn't draw malygos or emperor at all because of that

  5. Whit so many victorys…why the entire video..you only climb up one rank? i mean 85% win rate…i dont buy this rates 😀 sry

  6. lol 1% vs warrior. The battle will always continue in the fight of mage vs warrior…and warrior will always win.

  7. How da fuck u are suposed to keep ALL those spells till turn 10!!!!!??

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