(Hearthstone) Solarian Saves

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Elemental Mage VS Hunter
Deck Code: AAECAf0EBJaaA/isA8W4A427Aw2LA6sE5gSWBYOWA5+bA+KbA/+dA/usA/2sA/GvA/OvA4i2AwA=
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Music: Sonata in D Major, D. 850 — III. Scherzo. Allegro vivace by Schubert, performed by Paul Pitman


20 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Solarian Saves

  1. "Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comments?😆"

    (OMG brian thanks for commenting on my new video💚)

  2. Brian as an upcoming magic teacher of scholomance academy confirmed by now

  3. its so ridiculous how the highlander hunter made a huge missplay on an important turn and still got a huge swing on tempo anywayz. This deck is so braindead

  4. Damn when Brian’s happy I’m happy. It’s crazy how powerful empathy can be and I’ve never even met him once. Amazing

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