(Hearthstone) The Superior SMORc Deck

(Rise of Shadows Standard) 2 Games: Spell Damage Mage VS Hunter & Shaman
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 13, K. 333 by Mozart, performed by Brendan Kinsella


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36 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Superior SMORc Deck

  1. You're 45mins late. Unacceptable. I almost had a panic attack thinking that you forgotten to upload.

  2. What's Kibler eating? It looks like grated mozarella cheese 😮

  3. Why does lava burst cost a 2 mana overload for 5 damage for 3 mana when a fireball is 4 mana and deals 6 with no overload? Fireball seems far superior. Is it all about that class balancing?

  4. Kibler, eating, really wolfing down food, on one your best-of-clips is a huge no-no. And, I like and enjoy your clips, and I watch your Twitch stream quite regularly, but I feel compelled to write this because I feel Iike this is part of a larger trend in what seems like a more lax attitude regarding your clips and your content in general.

  5. Deck code: AAECAf0EBO0F7vYC7/EC8gUNtAT/nQO5/wKWBeYEwZgDo4cDqwSumwP77AKj/QKV/wK7AgA=
    My man <3 I love the deck as usual but what about cutting Spellbook Binder for Mana Ciclyone? Maybe one shooting star and a Lifedrinker too for Elemental Evocation and you dont change the overall theme

  6. I tried this deck and got funny results, not an aggro player but loved the way I crushed warriors and hunters !
    Thanks for the experience.

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