(Hearthstone) The Ups and Downs of Spell Shaman

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Singleton Spell Shaman VS Rogue & Mage
Deck Code: AAECAaoIHvkDgQT1BP4F/wWyBsAHrZEDipQDxZkDpaED/KMD4aUDhKcDkKcDu60DgbEDkbED27IDhLYD5LcD5rcD27gD5LgDk7kDl7kDmLkD5b4D5r4Dk8IDAAA=
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Music: Sonata No. 10 in G Major, Op. 14 No. 2 — II. Andante III. Scherzo — Allegro assai & Piano Sonata No. 20 in G Major, Op. 49 No. 2 by Beethoven, performed by Paul Pitman


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35 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Ups and Downs of Spell Shaman

  1. Whenever I think about Malygos, I think about otk decks and I despise otk decks. I'm fine with playing aggro, midrange, tempo, and control decks but not otk decks.

  2. Rogue was losing but then he played galakrond and completly turn the game around? What a suprise

  3. Brian: 'Shiro, you already got your lunch'
    Shiro: 'What about second breakfast?'

  4. Who could imagine that drawing four 0-cost cards would be that boosted in a class that relies on combos?
    I feel like Rogue's Galakrond could use a nerf, such as, going to Priest.

  5. The first game was just rogue being rogue..

    They always steal win by turn table instantly and out of nowhere. Yes it feels very unfair most of thr time. But thats not broken, that just the flavor and the theme of rogue class. Yes, it is. Yes, rogue works as intended, blizzard might said..

  6. unless otherwise everyone saying rogue is a problem are either just annoyed by the deck or joking cus the galakrond turn was very good, dont reply their comments with anger lul, laugh with them or just share a similar experience peacefully if u can ( even if rogue isnt tier 1 deck or anything the issue is rogue has strange plays with isnt tier 1 but has powerful RNG )

  7. I like you man. But if somebody says hi please return the courtesy. Not returning it makes me feel like you think you’re above them.

  8. So my sister has the same dog he has and she eats her own poo, I cant help cringing everytime I see the dog licking his face.

  9. 4:45 Friendly reminder to always play Faceless Lackey on the left in the case of you getting a Dire Wolf Alpha

  10. Getting to legend in hearthstone doesn't require you to be very good at the game, only persistent and abusing one of the meta decks. We've seen it time and time again where legend players will make these really bad plays despite being at the very top… That rogue is the perfect example.

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