[Hearthstone] The Wild 30 Legendary Deck

Hearthstone | Review of the adventures of the new 30 Legendary Paladin deck in Wild!
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38 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Wild 30 Legendary Deck

  1. Wait what you run n'zoth and you have a big dragon in your deck but you still don't run the new deathwing? Wouldn''t discarding your whole hand be terrible? It doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Kripp I love the budget deck it's nice to see ur looking out for us ;D

  3. I need some help here I want to know whether or not it's still possible to get Varian Wrynn

  4. 12:32 did he miss lethal? Silver hand recruit, 1 mana legendary, then 4 damage battle cry twice.
    So (4×2)+5+5=18 he has 17 health

  5. you are good at the game and i dont hate the player.. but i do hate the game for being pay to win or redic grindy.

  6. Hey guys head over to my channel for some Average Joe gaming 🙂 i reply to every comment and and upload as many requests as i can and i integrate all subscribers that wish for a game into as many games as i can 🙂 i will give free packs to anyone who can beat me 🙂


  8. If you agree like but I think a good legendary would be a 30/30 that works like the magma giant decreasing its cost with your health and can only be used 8 health under but it's a 30/30 taunt that can't attack and has a death rattle of every minion that died when it was on the board x2 self healing

  9. i made a deck with 3 legendary cards :,)
    wait….. what…. 30 in one deck….
    point gun at dick
    pulls the trigger

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