[Hearthstone] The Worst Old Gods Deck

Hearthstone | Review & gameplay of the worst performing deck I’ve made in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion
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26 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Worst Old Gods Deck

  1. "Trump is no longer spectating you" Even Trump was like 'wow, no way I'm getting my mission pack watching you."

  2. VOlazj is just so damn weak. He rarely comes out with a favorable board, and priest is simply not strong enough to hold him till just that "right" second. There is a deathrattle N'zoth priest deck, but I tried it and it barely holds till rank 15, then just fails around that point.

  3. Control warrior and paladin absolutely own priest. Time to say priest just isn't too great in the current meta. They didn't get a sufficient buff this time around.

  4. yea see Herald should have had some higher mana cost 7+ and it summons an exact copy of all minions on the board instead of 1/1 copies

  5. If you want to make Herald a playable card, you need to have cards like Brann, Rag, Cairne and etc

  6. what the fuck is up with the pyromancer after the expansion rolled out? it's sometimes after and sometimes whenever? jesus christ

  7. You tried to base a deck around the worst priest legendary and you were genuinely surprised that it sucked? Herald is trash.

    When I got my first old gods legendary I was so dissapointed when I saw this piece of shit. The next old gods legendary I got was Darkfisher Pagle. Yeah my life sucks.

  8. This guys was rank 6 and I'm pretty sure he played the worst humanly possible, Jesus fucking rush decks.

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