IMP MAMA = SOLO BUILD?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Turns out Imp Mama build is super easy to pull off, just two cards!
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20 thoughts on “IMP MAMA = SOLO BUILD?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Kripp gives us good BG games and educates pretty well. But seriously though who the fuck are all these people making accounts about Kripperino.. last wordserino? Heroerino? Carriederino? People actually make youtube account just for this purposerino? Fuck a duckerino i gotta get out of the commentserino before i get turnederino.. fuckin hate you guys..

  2. Sees all of the demons, summoned with taunt, being destroyed over and over.

    Talks about how Juggler would be great in this build.
    Rolls past I don't even know how many.

  3. wait, why the hell did it stop summoning a demon when there was a space free before the attack.
    did the two possible summonings cancel each other out?

  4. I got an idea for you Kripp: do full 6 runs, where everything on your board is tavern 6. Kind of like an all legendary deck in normal hearthstone

  5. i'm actually really mad that there's no juggler show up and i've never try a single demon build, ever

  6. honeslty i think bgs is mostly about luck and being lucky with the tavern refresh and shit, not alot of skills required…

  7. Imp mama was such a pain in the ass encounter in legion for the lock class quest

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