INSANE New Cards!! - Scholomance Academy Review #4 | Hearthstone

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45 thoughts on “INSANE New Cards!! — Scholomance Academy Review #4 | Hearthstone

  1. I feel like Secret Passage needs a card in your hand to replace with one from your deck. Like, if you have only one card in your hand, you only replace one card. That would make it a lot less "free draw" but I'm not entirely sure.

  2. Star Student Stelina: Demon Hunter can now negate card draw… damn, thats not fun if you are at the end of that effect.
    Mage Hunter: A silence that doesnt target is a good silence but, dunno how good this one will play.

  3. Pen flinger could be really good for some sort of aggro rogue deck, like knife juggler, coins, penflingers, just a though

    + wandmaker + secret passage = death

  4. Is there a side theme here of stealing well known mechanics from other card games in this expansion, like glide is just card destruction from Yu-Gi-Oh, scry from magic with sphere probably others I don’t know about because I am not that well versed in other card games but an interesting concept for a college themed expansion.

  5. Silence + a rush minion is a lot stronger than silence + draw a card, or silence + 1 damage imo. Mage Hunter seems good to me.

    And you"'re going to make every rogue hate you for life when killing Edwin / Questing adventurer with it.

  6. Idk what they were thinking with DH, it's a stupidly strong aggro class and now it even has tools to wreck control, combo and generally every oponnent…it's becoming everything i hate in card games. But yeah better nerf sacrificial pact because kids are crying that they can't win against every class.

  7. Lorekeeper Polkelt will be incredible in DH. You play this on turn 4-5, Skull of Guldan turn 5-6, then you guarantee the 9 mana discount as you draw the rest of your highest cost cards cheap, then you can play your 2nd Skull for even more crazy discounts. And it has good stats for it's consistant effect, 5 stars!

  8. Pokelt is actually an insane card for mechathun quest warlock because you guarantee a 0 cost mechathun if its your only 10 drop by tapping once quest is done. If you have mecha'thun in hand just plot twist it out until its in your deck. Pretty busted!

  9. Playmaker is actually busted with restless mummy because for 7 mana you are getting 12 attack worth of rush which is usually enough to clear a full board plus you have the body of a 4/3 left over. Insane swing turn for only 7 mana.

  10. Lorekeeper Polket is going to be better in aggro decks than control decks, Discard Zoo Lock is going to break this by putting Hand of Guldan and Doomguard on top of your deck. This also curves into Myra's Unstable Element, Leeroy Jenkins, Loatheb or Boom Pistol Bully making any 5 drop tempo play in aggro more consistent really. Obvious must craft is obvious?

  11. I can see sphere of sapience being run in renolock style highlander decks when your deck is filled with silver bullets for the meta. Where certain cards do nothing in the wrong matchup but are huge in the right matchup.

  12. Sphere of sapience is not only busted in Hearthstone, but imagine how busted it would be even in any MTG format. Assuming it would be the same card just not a weapon only an artifact and would have counters instead of durability.

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