Is Pirate Late Game Bad? | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

What do you guys think? Pirates bad?
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31 thoughts on “Is Pirate Late Game Bad? | Firebat Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Tbh the pirate guy didn't get all that strong and millhouse pirates suck cuz you can't roll. With a double or triple hoggar setup I've gotten 150/150 looters and over 100/100 grubbers.

  2. Pirates have probably the second strongest late game beaten only by Murlocs.

  3. To be fair, you can't say the opponent lost because they are weak when you have a comp that literally ONLY George can have. Divine dragons without nadina is not a thing people can usually do. Without those divine shields Millhouse is almost certainly favored even with a weak salty looter at the end there.

  4. I've noticed that when there isnt dragons in the pool pirates are really good late game. Only demons rival them if you get a good comp. You need the level 5 windfury guy, 2 level 4 2/2 attacking guys, and the level 6 guy. I had random shit most if the game but won easily

  5. Firebat: He has all goldens, I don't even have a single golden
    Bronze Warden that got you Kalec: Guess I'll just die then

  6. Yea. I checked. If he didn't sell windfurry guy he would win. It have 23 base. +2+2 after first attack. Second one kills dragon with over kill. So he buffs every minnion +6+6 he would have won

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