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42 thoughts on “KRIPP’S TOP 10 BATTLEGROUNDS CARDS! — Hearthstone

  1. "most of you guys" most people dont spend 50 dollars and a card game that is free to play most people dont buy a blizz ticket to learn d4 was coming out 3 hours sooner.. most ppl dont sit in a chair making more then a 1st world county household income.. but plz tell us how "most of us do anything" i know somone whos most current system is sadly a xbox 360.. in america .. plz tell us how most of us are anything blizz con is ppl bad with money or rich ppl traveling from places like Australia and such that blizz highlights in videos to show the community. to learn what i did a bit sooner and play demos is verification

  2. The card "Lightfang Enforcer" — what does"at the end of your turn" actually mean? When does my turn end?

  3. I have watched a ton of Kripparian in the last 2 days and I have yet to see him play selfless hero and he has played khadgar once.

  4. Selfless Hero definitely does not deserve to be on this list, watched Kripp play for a few hours and he never picked this card. Can't be top 10 and be avoided like the plague.

  5. Gold security rover is a 4/12, not a 6/18. Tripling doubles base stats and card text and preserves buffs.

  6. I think they made khadgar a 2/2 with battlegrounds in mind. The mana cost doesn’t matter in battlegrounds so if Khadgar was a natural 8 mana 8/8 then in battlegrounds he would be way too strong.

  7. Only thing he was wrong about was foe reaper hydra. Turns out foe reaper is too slow at 6 stars most of the time.

  8. 1 Nightmare Amalgam
    2 Lightfang Enforcer
    3 Foe Reaper 4000
    4 Annihilan Battlemaster
    5 Khadgar
    6 Mama Bear
    7 Security Rover
    8 Cobalt Guardian
    9 Rat Pack
    10 Selfless Hero

  9. I think this list is probably outdated and definitely wrong. The fact that you don't ever pick selfless hero shows that this list is garbage. there should be token cards on here for early game for sure, since you pick these in every game. gentle megasaur should be somewhere (best late game win condition), and where the hell is bran on this list.

  10. Lol he was right about the 50% wrong thing. Selfless hero on the top 10 but not Alleycat/Murloc Tidehunter which are easily the best 1 stars to open with.

    I win so often and my list goes as follows:
    10. Alleycat/Tidehunter
    9. Buying 3 copies of a shitty card to get a Tier 5 Reward for Lightfang Enforcer
    8. Goldrinn
    7. Annoy-o-Module
    6. Replicating Menace
    5. Core Enforcer
    4. Cave Hydra
    3. Junkbot
    2. Nightmare Amalgam
    1. Lightfang Enforcer

  11. Amalgam is so OP, due to its versatility mostly imo. I expected Brann on this list.

  12. Kripp you mentioned we can play against you… I have learned a ton from you, particularly at some of the blizzard tournaments but I’m just a long time viewer would love to play some battlegrounds with you!

  13. Hydra seems much better than Foe Reaper, you can get it as early as turn 5-6, buff it MUCH faster through menagerie wardens/vermin sensei etc. By the time you see Foe Reaper, you are already set in a strategy, and it becomes very difficult to assimilate with whatever you're currently fighting with (obviously its a great pickup in a mech build regardless). Hydra can win games before a Foe Reaper can even be accessed.

    Additionally, Brann Bronzebeard (the card) seems like it could have made the cut. Brann can often give MORE than lightfang enforcer per turn if you have a similar setup to what you'd use for an enforcer build (for example, amalgam, hydra, some random murloc, and a mech/demon). Not to mention the possible economy benefits of Brann with cards like Primalfin Lookout.

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