Top Custom BATTLEGROUNDS MINIONS!! | Hearthstone

Wondering what the future of Battlegrounds might look like? These custom cards from my community are some great ideas I’d love to see in the game.

Get all the details and submit your card for Custom Battlegrounds Review #2 here:


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Custom Card Review | Hearthstone | Top Custom BATTLEGROUNDS MINIONS!!


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41 thoughts on “Top Custom BATTLEGROUNDS MINIONS!! | Hearthstone

  1. I think I may have screwed up some editing in this one. I had to do it on set at the Battlegrounds Brawl. DisguisedToast was looking over my shoulder the whole time trying to sneak peaks.

  2. For the sword for hire, you actually don’t get the 1 gold back because you can’t go over ur current gold cap (2-3-4 etc) so selling at the very beginning of the turn does nothing, thus Sword For Hire is a 3 gold sink.

  3. The way Tad reads would imply that you don't have to buy him to trigger his effect. Or am i wrong?

  4. a blanket silence can be "silence" where a effect only silence can be called "hush" which can work for a turn or permanent. I think it would be for 1 turn and only for effects and leave stat buffs in check personally.
    but in battlegrounds- buffs and debuffs are not active when leaving battle, so hush can be a unique version of silence which is temporary or only a specific type without giving up too much like a pure silence minion gives. If hush only partially silences for your turn, next turn, your opponents turn, then silence can be somewhat healthy since effects and stats can come back later. Have fun with this version of silence uwu

  5. Cavalier would be a good counter to an opponent's fat cleave minion. Instead of three minions each taking 15, the cavalier would take 45.

  6. Still waiting for Mech Donalds ….a 5/5 mechnetic clown who summons a 1/1 burger (former beast)

  7. Sword For Hire is terrible imo. It's a tavern 2 minion, meaning you have access to it early on and would use it to survive the early game… the early game where you have a ton of HP and can reasonably expect to lose some. If you are at so low HP that taking this card becomes necessary, you already lost, but you could say in that specific situation, it could be useful. The thing is that 8/8 worth of stats, no tribe, and no effect, auto-sells itself next turn is terrible past turn 4, maybe 5. Early on it could help you win a fight and then deal 2 damage? That's really low and not that useful. In the mid to late game this card is plain awful and you'd curse your luck every time you roll it instead of a much more useful card for your strategy. Nope, I think it's definitely not too powerful, I think it's extremely weak

  8. I like the flavor of that last one quite a bit but normally worgens are not beasts in hearthstone. Other than kindly grandmother but that's just because they're REALLY good at acting their role. Who knows though, maybe the hungry worgen can just be the exact same actor but playing another role.

  9. Feedback:
    1. Tad — too good, 5 health murloc with this stronk upside would crush! the game.
    2. Zazel — a little bit too good for t3 unit and also too narrow of a minion by itself. Once you've buffed him at least for +20/+10, you just don't really want to sell him, but at the same time he is not that good for late game by himself. If just feels like he would be all-in non-brain strategy and that's it.
    3. Sword for Hire — maybe not the worst one, but imagine getting 3 of them on turn 4 (with 6 gold). I'd be mad, dude. Maybe as 1-of in pull or with restriction about "cannot appear more than 1 of them in tavern) he would be quite good.
    4. Pridesteed — looks too strong against late game cleave (because I imagine it would soack all the damage even if it would be 5x of his hp?) and a little bit too miserable without tag on the other hand. I don't think that game should get more 'late-game-only-stuff', because it just will be more luck-based whether your roll 3* you need or this one on your first rolls with 3* tavern.
    5. Dreadnaught — must be nerfed to +3/+3. And also Regis, you miss the main thing: it buffs 2 taunts, and almost every menagerie or even mech strat has (might have is probably better wording) that number of them, so it would not reward you for playing exactly taunt-strat or anything, unlike strongshell.
    6. Ghastly Patron — it seems okay, but I feel like you don't really want to get more weak stuff in 5*, because — once again — you might be just unlucky. This minion requires you to have luck, otherway it might be just a -3 gold for the rest of game (and a missed 5*, which is way more sad).
    7. Eldrid — I don't feel like we need more rng here! Just because of that I'd not add him to BG. Also, I'd say that 6* stuff is okay. 7/7 is a great body for someone who has no synergy (or has a deathrattle one), foe reaper is very nice and worth of his stars, sneeds… oh okay, this one might be buffed somehow, its so bad to see Zerus off him each freakin' time. Khangor's Apprentice is nice if you got some strong stuff (i.e. golden foe reaper and golden 4* shredder).
    8. Street Smuggler — no, no and no. We don't need useless (or nearly useless) 3* units. Maybe at 2* he would be kinda okay-ish.
    9. Hungry Worgan — same as Smuggler. Too weak in early game, and he will not be used by beast strats, he will be used as a buff-enabler for non-beast strats. Say, give some buffs to your foe reaper with virmins or houndmasters. Beasts how they're now don't need to have just one extra beast on board, do they? +4/+2 on hyena isn't that good. And this tag is useless with mama bear beacause you need to play minion as non-beast and only then you might give it beast tag.

    And don't say that we need more options to play around what opponent has! Game has 7 other people, each is doing his own strat, the game should stay as far from "stone-scissors-paper" counter-system as possible or you will just have 90% win against one guy and 10% win against other one, not because they're not equal in strength (they might even tie against each other) but because your board is counter to first one and second guy's board is counter to your's. Its not fun, okay?

  10. If you want a mechanic that shaves away buffs without a complete silence it could work. WoW does have dispell and that could be what you seek for a mechanic that could work for Battlegrounds.
    Dispell — Removes X (whatever amount you think won’t be broken) buffs from a minion.

  11. I honestly think something like fencing coach or pixie in battlegrounds could be fun by itself, for the heroes with activated abilities. Imagine rerolling with toki twice in the midgame, machinegunning four fireballs with rag, tripling battlecries with shudderwock. In general, I think a hero-power theme could be added.

  12. Imagine playing Dancing Deryl and using Ghastly Patron to make a copy of insanely buffed minion in the tavern.

  13. Looking at these, I noticed there there weren't any gold/triple versions of the cards, which is also an important part of the game, so I decided to make my own. I'm going to try to balance these as much as possible, but I'm not sure if this'll be perfect.

    Tad: 2/10, Murlocs in Bob's tavern cost 2 less.

    Zazel the Greedy: 2/2, At the end of your turn gain +3/+2 for each unspent gold. (Hard to balance, he gets big, but doesn't benefit from many other effects)

    Sword for Hire: 16/16, At the start of your turn, sell this for 5 gold. You can have more then 10 gold this turn. (Seems strong until you realize that you have to buy and not play 3 of it, so has to have a powerful ability to make up for it. Maybe should be higher, like 7 gold.)

    Pridesteed Cavalier: 0/16, Whenever another minion takes damage, this takes half that damage instead.

    Dreadnought: 4/12. I see two different effects for this one, either A: Give all taunt minions +5/+5, or B: Give adjacent Taunt minions +10/+10.

    Ghastly Patron: 6/6 (Not that stats matter on this one), Choose a minion in Bob's tavern and become a copy of it with the combined stats of all minions in Bob's tavern. (Again, you need to hold on to three of these, so the effect should be worth it.)

    Eldrid, the Shadow Priest: 4/14, Whenever this minion attacks, silence 3 enemy minions. (I do agree with Regis, Silence would be too strong, but something that removes an enemies abilities without affecting their stats would be good. Something like, "Remove the enemy minions textbox" or something like that.)

    Street Smuggler: 6/6, Whenever you sell a minion, add the coin to your hand as well. (How would the original of this minion work if there were multiples, would it add 2 coins, or still only one?)

    Hungry Worgen: 6/12, Give all friendly minions the Beast tribe.

  14. Zazle the greedy triple late game, give it taunt with argus, dont buy anything if you have poisonus it justgets 40, 20, 80 40, 100 60

  15. a hungry worgen would suck for murloc because you could give a cleave minion poisonous

  16. Regarding Pridesteed Cavalier: first off, Imagine this tanking a cleave. This becomes a major card to play around, meaning you would want a Zap to snipe it off or some 8+ attack minion hitting first before cleave. Second, the text (or coding) would need to change otherwise if two were on the board, there would be an infinite loop of them taking damage for each other.

    Regarding what was discussed about the Hungry Worgen: having these cards for all tribes would be way too strong, unless the card text is changed to "Battlecry: Give a friendly tribeless minion the tribe: 'X'." Otherwise, Cave Hydra's and Foe Reaper's could be given a murloc tribe and given poisonous (which would obviously be way too strong). In fact, I believe that giving the beast tribe is the only balanced card as they would not directly benefit from the most powerful beast synergies which occur upon summoning the unit. For example, a unit that is already in play gaining a beast tribe would not benefit from Mama Bear, though would be targetable by +2/+2 battlecry buffs and Lightfang Enforcer buffs.

  17. Eldrid should maybe say remove x buff from your target, so like could it the +1/+1 or the poisonous stuff like that

  18. To be honest I think Eldrid is way too strong and would also be extremely frustrating to play against because of the randomness of his effect.

  19. Considering divine shield prevents the damage, I don't think pridesteed cavalier can absorb the first attack on a creature with divine shield.

    You may want to reconsider your analysis on the card

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