Let's Play Heartstone - Jaina vs Illidan

Hearthstone Beta


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27 thoughts on “Let's Play Heartstone — Jaina vs Illidan

  1. I can't wait lol… I watching people like tb and crendor make stupid plays make me cringe lol but then again they spend too much time trying to talk while playing.

  2. and I thought Blizzard made boring games back then after the 10000th WoW addon but now that I've seen this … wow … this takes the cake.

  3. why cant I download heartstone. shit man I look up on google and it wants me to download beta. isn't there any way I can just download the game no bs like league of legends? I also cant download beta without the downloaded version of heartstone which I don't have.

  4. @darthspeaks you keep playing free to play games which are bad copies of Warcraft,you don't have an idea how much does it cost to release a good video game, keep a good business and happy costumers, Warcraft is the most solid story line ever and by far the most epic mmorpg of all times, so why i still playing and paying? goshhh the developers must eat something!!!!  how do u think they can create epic games.. u fool,.. so yes, go back to lineage or pet society and stop bullshit..

  5. why do people insist on talking during these tutorials? people obviously aren't blind if they are watching this.

  6. Hahaha who the fuck record tutorial and post it on yt, and goes with a magma raged instead of senjin…

  7. "This fight is totally not fair. Blame the terrible designers."
    I love how self-aware the developers are. It makes me laugh so hard

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