MILLHOUSE CAN MURLOC TOO! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Can he Murloc? Yes he can! Just… differently.
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32 thoughts on “MILLHOUSE CAN MURLOC TOO! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. why y buy that guy on first turn and immidiatly sell him and buy murloc
    it will be the same just buy murloc
    or it some trick?

  2. Bro Ive been killing it with Murloc Killhouse. That said, Flurgl is my best hero. I think Ive lost 1 game with him out of 20 or so

  3. I know comparing streamers is unfair but… Kripp's analysis of his opponent before the match and making a buy/lvl call because ofi t is a very huge contrast to other BG streamers like Savjz, Amaz or Rdu.. Calmly "lost and leveled right after.. probably hasn't danced" and makes the decision instantly. I can almost picture the same happenign to Savjz and his mouse frantically playing with a lobbyunit and the lvl-button going "uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh, should I…?"

  4. Haven’t watched the video yet but Im thinking the answer to the tittle is yes cause he’s literally gone Murlocs like every Millhouse run he’s done.

  5. Kripp when his opponent gets slightly favorable battle RNG: This is bullshit!
    Kripp when he rolls two Primalfins in the row and next turn immediately gets a triple into Megasaur which gives him divine shield: …
    Cmon Kripp show a little more excitement! 😀
    Or recognize when things go your way at least haha

  6. Dog said if i wanted to see a murloc play to come see you and i did and it was beautiful.

  7. wait hes talking about victoria day weekend? where does krip live??? cuz i live in victoria lmao. didnt know he was that close

  8. I like how the Drakonid Enforcer is a decent filler card at 10:46 but ends up getting sniped at the start of every turn he had it.

  9. Kripp: explains why taunting brann is good because it increases odds of mackerel surviving

    Chat: you shouldn't have taunted brann

    Good old wood MMR twitch chat

  10. Awsome content. I have became a way better battlegrounds player watching your videos, and even though it's the same game you always put together some really interesting warbands it makes it so much better to watch then the average dull videos I see. Keep it up 👍

  11. If that 1st triple reward was a Coldlight or Felfin I would say 100% without a doubt this is the best Murloc start I've ever seen

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