MY BIGGEST MINION YET! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — A certain Kripperino will make a highly favored comment on this video.
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42 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST MINION YET! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. This feature seems to a bit bugged for me. It shows my 84/84 pre-dragon patch wrathwaver as my biggest, despite just theee games ago I got 94/94 razorgore 😛 .

  2. Had close to same Battlemaster in my very first game of HS BG. With no clue what Im doing, never to repeat 😀

  3. Agree about rat pack but the variance of its effectiveness means many don't think so.I compare it to many of the OP rogue decks over the years 25% of the time auto win with certain cards and the rest of the time lets you down.

  4. My biggest was a 20/366 battlemaster. (last year)
    It seem to take the stat that is the highest and then it ignore the other stat as i have had way higher attack minions.

  5. I HATE FCKN RAT PACKS! like literally the early game is decided by whom gets the 2/2 buff guy and the rat packs —> so fckn dumb! os the 2 attack nerf on DW was ok — but make rat packs a tier 3 or remove it! so tired of this card! totally agreed upon Kripp there!

  6. Kripp but u don't take in mind if u delete ratpack u will automaticly destroy beast deck and/or other depended on it cards like hayena, pack leader and it will massivly nerf a bear as well

  7. Got 2 200/200 razorgores once. 6 razorgores and 3 kalecgos in 1 game. Luckiest thing I've ever gotten

  8. 14:25 It's not full lightfang, you didn't have a beast.
    PS: Ratpack was not the problem, as you can see, Deathwing was nerfed and it's not a problem anymore.

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