MY GAME ACTUALLY BROKE WTF?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The unexpected happened too many times today.
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43 thoughts on “MY GAME ACTUALLY BROKE WTF?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Honestly krip deserved to lose. Such a crazy fuckin rng that he got and he basically throws it in the garbage trying to be all deep and smartass and cutesy.

  2. I'm a goddamn idiot I didn't know you could use malygos's power on your side of the board.

  3. 14:45 millhouse terrible hydra attack which is probably the only way he doesnt win on the spot, kripp still whines about rng and crap attack order

  4. Is there a Levelino Refreshino? “Levels this game: x Refreshes this game: x”

    Could be pepega idea but I’m high so 🤷‍♂️

  5. This exact same thing happened to me whenever my minions were slid over to the right like that… Blizzard.. fix this.

  6. On a lot of online games servers are crashing and frequent drop outs… all cause of the cov-19 in which surprise surprise people have time to game

  7. Happened to me a couple of days ago. All my board shifted like one slot to the right, minions were attacking not in the order I placed them and appearing again after death. And that began on 6 gold or something

  8. 12:20: Wtf is he doing? He doesn't even know how to Kalecgos? Ditch the murloc or beast and play the Razorgore so it gets those Kalecgos buffs. And why did he sell the spawn? Gold spawn was his best minion on the board besides Kalecgos, and selling is the reason why he lost to a ghost. That Gold spawn represented 18/18 in stats.

    12:40: Ohhh, it's because he wants to play with smaller minions. And not win. By trying to hybridize a comp that works best as a solo comp.

    14:20: Practically admits it.

    17:35: Sells his biggest, fastest scaling unit to get an extra gold from the token.

    19:50: Complains about "godlike rng" when it was pretty average rng.

    I mean, I know Kripp has to at least be kind of good to be at 11k, but he also plays hundreds of games a week. But when's he's bad, he's BAD. And he complains about literally everything, justified or not. This is why I don't sub to him anymore.

  9. Are we not going to talk about that super sick demon comp that wrekt him around the 10:00 mark? Might have been the most cool and wombo combo comp I’ve seen lol.

  10. Kripp: "These are all terrible!"

    Me, someone who's played Malygos twice: "Ah, but you're Malygos, so you can transform one of them!"

    Next turn
    Kripp: *Transforms a minion in his side of the board

    Me: *Spits out coffee

  11. At 18:10 wouldn't it be better to always buy the King Bagurgle instead of the Coldlight? I mean yeah his murloc has poison so the extra attack really doesn't matter, but even then wouldn't the Bagurgle still just always be better to take anyways, it's still a battlecry to buff the dragons. He could have also hero powered it as a five star to maybe get a Brand that is also five star right?

  12. today I learned that hearthstone actually does have a graveyard, it's just hidden off to the left of your board

  13. This shit happened to me about a week ago. Nearly lost because shit was acting so weird (and everything was a little further right than in the video).

  14. Just be happy your not playing on an android. Crashes have cost me 74.214 % of my losses. I keep my own record screw that online calculator. It akso doesnt count minions in the size record untell pre battle.

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