Hearthstone Ashes of Outland — This video is based on yesterday’s leaks. Tonight we will cover the new announced content in Ashes of Outland part 2! Stay tuned!
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22 thoughts on “NEW CLASS! NEW XPAC! NEW PRIEST! ILLIDAN & ASHES OF OUTLAND! — Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

  1. Can you make a video for late starters?? I’ve played Hs two years a bit, but i am so much behind I don’t bother booting up the game, also seems like I need so much $$$$ to even start

  2. The 'Duplicate Protection' system is a great betrayal and disrespect for players who have been playing the game for a long time and those who have spent real money and supported the game.
    Consider your countless dust, gold and real money, which wasted in the past due to copy cards. İn this new system, you can do the same things you did before by spending much less time, labor and money (or without spending any money). They clearly said that we do not respect your labor, time and money.

    It was not worth it to support new players by ignoring the efforts of loyal players, which is the only reason the game has reached today.
    I would expect something more fair than this game.🤔

  3. After Battleground the Construct died, this is how Blizzard is trying to revive construct, with a new class.
    People are asking for a Panda class for years, and we have Damon Hunter…

  4. Kul Tiran Champion is literally just the cheaper and slightly weaker version of a card that dominated the meta for it's entire existence in standard (Kabal Talonpriest).
    It's not even really a nerf to that card, since all of it's costs, stats, and abilities maintain the same ratios, only this one comes out earlier. Also cards gain power exponentially the earlier they can be cast. I'd say it's actually BETTER than a card that was already stupidly OP.
    I guarantee that card will be the bane of everyone's existence for a long long time.

  5. I personally hate that they removed any type of face damage from priest and pretty much removed the entire identity of shadow priest from the game (which is a major part of priest in WOW). It's an entire play style that is 1 out of 3, so 33% of the class specs.
    I do think some of the cards they removed were problematic, and the same cards kept getting abused again and again in every single expansion because of Malygos and Velen, but that's mostly because THOSE CARDS (Malygos and Velen) have always been broken as Hell.
    (And will continue to be as long as they exist)
    It's also not as if other classes don't have face damage cards. Hunter and rogue have the same shit, you know. They just don't have Velen.
    I realize that it's probably for the best, but I don't really like the pansy-ass version of priest they are trying to push. It'll never work. People will just stop playing it if it isn't good enough.

  6. Priest cards that I will actually use when they come out:
    Consume Magic, (being able to cycle silence when you don't need it and gain card advantage when you DO need it is pretty damn good. And in a deck that needs LOTS of silence you can double it up with "Silence" for 4 copies.) Also, since spellbreaker is going out, this is probably a welcome addition. (any cheap cycle card is super good in my book.)

    Power Word Shield (but only in a miracle deck)
    Shadow Word: Ruin (in every control deck)
    Shadow Word Death: (Was already great, now it's even better)
    Shadow Madness: (Was already great, now it's even better, tho mostly good against voidlords, and in combo with inner fire combo, so not super relevant at the moment).
    Holy Nova: (It was always 1 turn too late, now it isn't. Also the face damage is 9/10 times irrelevant, especially with no more face priest cards).
    Not sure about holy smite.. it is a good deal, but still might not be able to fit it. I mean Penance is also a thing.. they're pretty much only good in an aggro heavy meta.
    (it was also almost exclusively used for face damage… so yeah)
    Kul Tiran Chaplain (this is basically just a cheaper faster talonpriest… what were they thinking?)
    They are taking out some extremely crucial cards, so I don't know if priest can even be viable without them… we'll see.

  7. Shadow word madness will be nerfed back, especially with all the reborn minions in the meta. I'm calling it now.

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