NEW MURLOC HERO! FINALLY GOT HIM! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The new Murloc hero is actually crazy OP… but nobody knows how to play Murlocs!
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27 thoughts on “NEW MURLOC HERO! FINALLY GOT HIM! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I never thought a video could be good and awful at the same time. The video is good because at the end there is a fleet of decent murloc; but at the same time it's also riddled with stupid mistakes like playing a gold card before levelling and other mistakes that I've already forgotten. Anyway, glad, that's over.

  2. I actually beat someone with that hero to a murloc race playing nozdormu… feels bad man

  3. dudes and dudedettes, i cannot be the only one who feels like Kripp's health has changed, i mean. You sound different man, hope you are okey there buddy!

  4. I have games with murlocs where i roll 10 times and i dont find a single murloc, i rol another 5 times ans i only find the 2/1 that summons a 1/1. Where are the. Murlocs?

  5. Gather bunch of Murloc Token.

    lose so many turn…..then all of the sudden I got gigantic turn around and never lose again til the end. Funny as hell.

  6. I won my first two with this hero, and 3 out of the 4 that I’ve used him. He’s a great hero.

  7. I've only got this guy once, and I died because I tried forcing murlocs but the game didn't wanna give me any

  8. I got triple braan with him and every time I got the token murloc it gave me a triple. With a golden tidecaller and 7 adapts x 3 I had the best game ive ever had. Murlocs op. Love the content krip been here since 2012 Im pretty sure

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