NEW UNIT! FLURGL GOT A HUGE BUFF! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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31 thoughts on “NEW UNIT! FLURGL GOT A HUGE BUFF! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. Can someone please explain why windfury is bad with poisonous+divine shield murlocks?

  2. For anyone wondering about that crazy turn, he got:

    6 Coldlight Oracles
    1 King Bagurgle
    2 Primalfin Lookouts
    2 Toxfin

    Having 5 Murlocs and a Brann on board, that was 6*2*2 (oracles) + 2*2 (Bagurgle) Health each, and 4 attack each, so +4/+28 stats each, for a total of +20/+140 and two poisonous.

  3. That's why this hero is great late game: you basically don't need to roll anymore and keep getting buffs.

  4. The new Murloc finally has been released into the game? Even though he was SUPPOSE to be out when they removed the one mech and replaced it?

  5. How are you supposed to counter a board full of divine shield poisonous murlocs? Just seems like an unbeatable build once you get the adaptions on them

  6. Savjz says easy game, and that he wasn't lucky but did he forget that unstable ghoul that saved him from losing a round which would've dealt like 10 damage from all the tokens AND snake giving him egg and Sneed's which game him the bagurgle he needed to not die. Not easy game, just lucky

  7. alter der ist ja voll auf battleground hängen geblieben xD krass das der des immer noch permanent spielt

  8. I think I understand why people don't like windfury, but with all those stats it doesn't seem that risky.

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