Hearthstone Scholomance Academy — The next expansion is on its way!
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  1. I've been searching Goldrinn for four turns at level 5 and did not find a single one and wonder if Goldrinns are extinct until after the game I read the update notes.

  2. Does no one else think its really cool that weapons are getting class specific frames? Kripp didnt even mention it lol

  3. I love the battlegrounds content, but I do miss constructed videos. I don't play the game anymore, so all my hearthstone content is krip.

  4. Can't wait to see you play exclusively battlegrounds but now with a new expansions background music

  5. I've got Finley with Tess hero power just 10 mins ago and when entering a match you've been disconnected — you've been reconnected .

    Couldn't see what my opponent has . Forgot who I was against. Come on blizzard. Fix these issues 1st then release expansions.

  6. Hold on… so the battlepass only lasts for 4 months? I thought it was for an entire year, like year of the dragon, year of the mammoth and so on for the duration of that cycle. Pretty greedy if its just for 4months 🙁

  7. What about a megasaur nerf so you don't win the game with megasaur and brann every time?!? Megasaur should only adapt 1 murloc for balance…

    Nerf hooktusk and bring in an even more ridiculously OP hero ><

  8. Making a minion one tavern tier higher is becoming a bad fix. People who greed for the 6 star will take more damage and could die earlier (shorter game) or people high roll and get it and their opponent now takes +1 from Macaw and +1 from Goldrinn. Also, removing Goldrinn and putting him in 6 is going to make 5 for beasts disastrous

  9. It's so easy to go murlocs with Tess. At least in the 5800 lobbies… usually AT LEAST 3 other players trying to go murlocs everygame they are presented. So if you get matched up with these people early on you will get a bunch of early murlocs and murloc buffers. Also probably a couple goldens real early on.

  10. Cool… Hooktusk wasn't offered to me even once, so I never even tried her before a nerf… Just to be clear I play like two games a day on average without perks

  11. 2:20 bruh, these are class combinations required for the daily quests before they simplified them to 3 classes.

  12. wait so the shamen spellburst 2 drop + innvervate + [insert random dmg spell] would be an OTK? am i missing something? i hope i do

  13. I wish they make Megasaur a 7 star card 😥

    You can only discover thatby tripleing minions on 6.
    That will help reducing the chance of poisonous divine shield murloc but nor removing it entirely

  14. Cannon doesn't need to be removed. Just increase the cost to 3 or 4 stars.

  15. The new Brann is the new King of murlocs… He basically guarantees every murloc buff after tier 3. I got easy 1st place twice with murlocs

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