Notorious BIG Druid | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

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Streamed on 2020-05-03
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23 thoughts on “Notorious BIG Druid | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. I have a better form of meditation, it's sold by ounces and it meditates the shit out of you in
    2 minutes.

  2. 4:58 and onward on that small sequence shouldnt you hit the 4/4 with the bogbeam take it out with hero power and 1 damage wrath the priestess proceeding to take it out with the witch?

  3. Hey Ali! Just want to say I’m a huge fan of your content please keep them coming! Also I feel like we’d probably be buddies if we knew each other in person haha, it’s nice to know there are such good people out there. Thanks again for all you do!

  4. have you seen solem playing hearthstone with a dance pad ? thats pretty funny

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