Pro Wins w/ Lich Baz'hial + Hero Guide - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

0:05:13 Gameplay

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13 thoughts on “Pro Wins w/ Lich Baz'hial + Hero Guide — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Hell yeah, been waiting for this guide. Love your guide videos slyssa, they have helped me get comfortable playing different heroes.

  2. I don't understand how anyone would want to skip the guides. You were one of the first and only BG streamers to post guides like these with the stats and everything. I really appreciate that kind of content!

  3. Lich has always been my absolute favorite hero in the game, so nice to see her getting some love in a guide!

  4. At this point I feel like you are just playing with the game Devs and testing out different strategys for them.

  5. Should've asked Firebat for help with this one. He isn't a better BG player in general, but he's awesome with the Lich. Hero Power every chance you have!

  6. Slysssa you are one of the few youtubers I like the video before playing it. GG, quality content as always


  7. 4:28 "…you will kill yourself and just end the game right there. Maybe you wanna do that, but I wouldn't suggest it"
    — Expert Suicide Hotline operator

  8. Lich works really well anytime Demons are available and you can get a Floating Watcher too!

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