RIP COBALT? MEET VERSION 2.0! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Cobalt is gone, but not entirely…
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35 thoughts on “RIP COBALT? MEET VERSION 2.0! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Poor title choice. Missed opportunity for "The Cobalt is dead, long live the Cobalt/Deflectobot" or something along those lines.

  2. bunch of pussies, thanks for destroying battlegrounds… its supposed to be a fun mode but nooooooo cobalt is broken and shit like that …. u just had to ruin the fun for everyone

  3. i still think it's better than cobalt. it's just one +2/+2 buff to basically match cobalt and then gets even stronger during the match

  4. Not related to the video, but it's time to nerf dragons. Last my 3 games, in top 4, 3 players (at least) were big dragons.

  5. The various different "erino" accounts should make like one comment chain and unite forces, I want to see just how many there are

  6. Kripp you cover just about every corner of BG from strategies to silly rng memes. But noone has claimed as far as i know, a triple murozond off a golden brann. Thats 3 instant gold minions copied from your last opponent and the freebie roll. Before murozond its basically like trying roll the fastest battlemaster u can except hp plays no factor this time. Which one of us will be the lucky chosen bastard and copy that gold razorgore off Ysera.. Not once or twice but break the minion pool barrier and get 3 of them. (4.76% chance)

  7. I got ten wins in a row with that card 1st place with over 30 hp evrrytime with this card and the one that spawns the talent followed by the murloc in the hero slot its bot infinite but it goes way way better then cobalt in that setup ive seen up to 50 attack on 2 of them at one time when teamed up with am early give a mech +2+2… Next day i play four games in a row without seeing it. Lol still won those games however i think the game decided i was to powerfull that the " nerfed " cobalt lol. Its way better krip wtf bro?

  8. A cleave. Spawn a taunt if dmged , nerfed cobalt. Spawn a taunt if dmged. Nerfed cobalt. Duvine shield murloc. End game just crushed the competition and did 30 dmg lol stopped buying cards 5 turns before the victiory…… That good

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