Scholomance Academy card review: Demon Hunter can do what? (Hearthstone)

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Some interesting Demon Hunter cards among other things. A review of the ten latest Scholomance Academy cards.

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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.


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15 thoughts on “Scholomance Academy card review: Demon Hunter can do what? (Hearthstone)

  1. The community overreactions to Glide have been bizarre to me, I will be amazed if that card sees play in any viable DH decks. Once the expansion goes live people are going to quickly find out that Skull of Gul'dan's draw and cost reduction is much more consistently valuable than Glide's effect will ever be. It's as if people saw the mana cost, read "Draw 4", then stopped reading.

  2. If warrior can get enough early tempo by weapon or a zero Mana card that 3 drop will be nuts. I think it's an okay turn 3 play either way 4/3 soft taunt and if you draw into it later it can give good value or damage when combined with the rush give your weapon 1/1 guy to help finish the game.

  3. The problem about glide is not that it is op.Because it's not,it might not even see that much play.The problem is how bad it feels to play or having this played against you. You play this against a control deck you give them a random hand you ruin their game plan. You play this against aggro when you are both most likely out of resorces you might give your opponent a new chance to win the game cause they didn't just spent 4 mana to draw 4, you did. Similar with the legendary wich is even weaker.The short answer is that someone is gonna have a rlly bad time when this is played and that is just bad design imo.

  4. i think plp are not getting how broken glide is in a aggro deck its draw 4 and reduce ur opponents hand giving ur playing vs a control deck

  5. It seems like DH is going more from a "kill you immediately" class to a "disrupt your plays" class. These new tools, while scary, don't synergize as much with what they're plan has been up to this point, with the exception of the dual class legendary. Of course, even there, you'd have to wait to turn 10 to pair it with warglaives. Dunno.

  6. Do we know how spellburst works with the weapon? For instance, if I discount my Libram of Hope, and then play it with the Maul, do I get a 9/9 taunt still, since the spellburst triggers after the spell resolves, instead of "when" I play it, or will the taunt be whatever the discounted cost is?

  7. I get people want to pace their resources but getting a 7/6 prime and 5/7 dreadlord with the archwitch sounds pretty good to me. Pen flinger in wild with The Caverns Below though XD

  8. The game is being more randomized and ridiculous predictions have always been 100 right …in two
    Weeks people will be bored and the best decks will reign supreme until nerfed. Has been that way since closed beta and will never change.

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