The Fall of Illidan | Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot | Tempo Strategy [Ashes of Outland]

The latest balance patch has been live for a little less than a week, and has shaken up the meta! While the meta might not have changed drastically, the top decks have shifted leading to a new metagame prior to the upcoming expansion! Join us as we take an in-depth look at the Standard metagame!

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Script: Luker |

Voiceover: Britt «sea_loma» |

Video Editor: Ed the Editor |

0:00-1:02 Introduction
1:03-3:16 Tier 1
3:17-5:37 Tier 2
5:38-6:30 Countering the Meta
6:31-7:09 Conclusion

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Founded by Andrey Yanyuk (“reynad”) out of his own pocket, the roster now stands among the most decorated of teams in esports and features some of the best competitors and broadcast personalities in Hearthstone, the FGC, MTG, Shadowverse, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Summoners War, Brawl Stars, Call of Duty: Mobile, and FIFA.

Despite its various championship titles, the franchise operates as much more than just a competitive team—Tempo is one of the largest esports media companies in the world. Its Hollywood studio is home to innovative, bleeding-edge productions including events, tournaments, and gaming content for one of the highest-trafficked websites in the space. Tempo also continues to deliver best-in-class live content with its proprietary mobile production abilities. This channel focuses on helping strategy players develop deck-building skills and game sense, as well as providing funny game-relevant content.

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29 thoughts on “The Fall of Illidan | Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot | Tempo Strategy [Ashes of Outland]

  1. i have had a lot of succes at diamond 5-1 with spell(zalae)mage. Is that just me or does the deck drop off at legend? I feel like its worth the mention.

  2. Good video.the only thing I would kinda argue with is that the gala priest Highlander hunter matchup being unwinnable for the priest.while it's definitely hunter favored by a mile I wouldn't call it unwinnable.sometimes just sometimes priest magically has all the answers and even tho they aren't gala rogue or box mage priest can scam you hard sometimes

  3. I had a lot of success with Bomb Warrior recently, 57% winrate on 30 games, but I'm having way more with Highlander mage actually ! 70% winrate on 20 games

  4. Meanwhile, I got to Legend with Pure Dragon Paladin. It's a blast to play.

    I've found the higher in ranks you get playing off-meta decks, the more often you get really salty concedes out of people playing the most powerful things when they lose. It feels great.

  5. Why do they keep saying Quest Warlock auto wins against Gala Priest. They have tons of healing and you don't always have a 0 Mana Malygos.

  6. What happened to Spell Druid and Galakrond Rogue? Both are still used competitively in Masters Tour APAC. Then the sleeper deck Murloc Paladin?

  7. get another voice ….. by the power of z noth this voice isnt baylanced and hurts ears

  8. if you nerf my deck give me refund for all the cards, not just for cards you nerfed Blizzard

  9. I'm a wild player so I haven't been keeping up with standard, but why does DH cut altruis?

  10. Bomb Control Warrior is what I've been playing since the beginning of the expansion. Definitely the most consistent, solid, and fun deck to play for me. Helps that the bombs negate highlander decks but Priests always wreck me.

  11. Good thing Glide is coming in the next release along with Ace, so DH is going back to tier 1. I started to worry that I need to switch to a different hero…

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