The Ice Bowazon - This character is one of the coolest builds in Diablo 2 (Complete Build Guide)

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00:43 Important Points
05:56 Attributes
08:10 Skill Points
10:55 Amazon Gear
14:59 Merc Gear
15:50 Game play
22:55 Conclusion

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32 thoughts on “The Ice Bowazon — This character is one of the coolest builds in Diablo 2 (Complete Build Guide)

  1. Great build, man! I love it. Definitely will keep it in mind for when I want to use a zon.

  2. i might watch this later. I'm guessing you didn't try the ice/strafe wrath build I recommended on your "making wrath viable" build guide.

  3. woah, a youtube d2 build that makes sense
    breakpoints hit, lr and fr capped, all the important items used

  4. Wait… This is NOT D2 Median XL….. People still play vanilla D2? Damn, I'm impressed.

  5. May not be the most powerful amazon build but i always built 1 on bnet when i started to get rich because of how fun it is, silkweaves, a decent pair of gloves and rare ring with mana leech always solved my mana problems but at first i did put points into energy to keep the arrows flying. I went the valkarie route because i didnt use enigma so dodge etc wasnt such a problem. Both options are just as good as each other by the sounds of it ^^

  6. 1 Bow many underestimate for this build …
    The CTA Bow. in a +3 Base its basically +4 to skills + BO.
    Also a nice bow to start out with is the Memory (Shael Ko Nef) with +3 to bwoskills and some ias.

  7. Been around when Dbrunski was a new channel. Watched him grow and happy to see where he is now. He's got charisma unlike some other Diablo focused channels.

  8. Fun build I used to have try it out if you want: Hurricane Fury Druid. Max Huricane/Tornado/Twister/Lycanthopy & Fury. Slap on a Doom Zerk & Nightwing. Lot of fun too use. Was very B/M back in the day. It was always fun to bate unsuspecting smiters w/ the Werewolf then transform and cast a couple nados. Man i miss this game.

  9. when you list your stats you shouldn't tell us the max strength and stuff. you should tell us the base strength. Like you have 159 strength sure, but that's after gear. To me it is more important to tell us base stats than total

  10. Hello, Doesn't Immolation arrow do more damage than Exploding arrow per same investment of skill points ?

  11. Don't think I'll have enough Jah runes anytime soon to try this build out(only have ever had 1 drop and that went to my first ever Enigma) to it's full potential. An upped Wizendraw could be a decent substitute I guess. May be worth a shot if I get bored of pitzerker runs and sorceress runs.

  12. what mod are u using for d2? can you set public game difficulty to 8 in online mode?

  13. Strafe vs shit? You aint providing nothing useful here boy. Guided arrow + multishot is the bowazon. What you have your head all the way up you arse or what? BTW for others who leveling bowazons, go max crit strike at start not multishot since that is not viable due to the low mana pool for a long time and with 2-3 arrows its worthless. Max on crit at start, dex stat wise, only a bit of str and throw in on mana once in a while since you will need it. Str over 90 is a waste even on end game since the only thing you will need str for is to equip a better bow and they max out 80ish on 90+. Cant believe 600 likez on this trash video only people who liked this who come here for diablo2 r&r and never even tried your shit build…

  14. in chile create to lanparty a bowazon trielemental for ranged pvp tournament… ROX.. the build is full sc elementals cold/fire/lighting and 1 or 2 venom

  15. I tried this build back in early days. Long before ice runeword or harmony. I used full mavs set and it was terrible lol it way low damage

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