The Layers of Maraudon - Warcraft: Space and Story #1 (Pilot)

Warcraft: Space and Story is a series about lore, game design and the art of telling stories in each episode we go through an interesting place in the World of Warcraft and talk about the stories we get to be a part of and what the games does to keep us moving through these stories.

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism I’d love to hear it as well as any suggestions for future places to look at.


6 thoughts on “The Layers of Maraudon — Warcraft: Space and Story #1 (Pilot)

  1. +G.G.M. Youtube doesn't seem to want to let me reply to you so we're doing it this way.

    Thank you so much, this is all awesome and the kind of feedback people kill for when launching a new idea. There's a few things you mentioned I can implement rather quickly and will look to do so with the next crack at this idea and others I'll work on because I do genuinely want to make this project work… and get some use out of my game design degree /grumble

  2. This is so awesome, please keep these up, it reminds me of what many have been doing for Dark Souls and Bloodborne lore.

  3. This is really interesting actually. I'd recommend fast forwarding the silent bits and maybe finding some way to skip past the mobs. Maybe you can commentate over the footage instead?

  4. 'We seem to have picked up some friends'
    'Hopefully that sorted them out.'

    Loved this, fun and intresting 🙂

  5. I watched the sunken temple and loved it. now im gonna watch the whole series. this is fucking great! you should do it for raids too! im really enjoying it.

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