This Deck Just Won't Die; Surviving 4 Nerfs! | Odd DemonHunter | Wild Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

With Odd Demon Hunter having Warglaives nerfed, this deck needed a bit of a rebuild, a renaissance now that the deck no longer has a consistent comeback mechanism.

This is the build that I’m currently on but I’m definitely not saying this is the best one. There are a ton more games to be played to be refined further.

I’ve taken out freezes since Pirate Warrior and the mirrors aren’t super common and I’m testing Scoundrel (even after I’ve complained about it not being great) as a way to find extra burn or a comeback mechanism. Also, without the Warglaives burst damage, I’ve put back in Priestess of Fury as my main finisher.

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Hope you enjoy!
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8 thoughts on “This Deck Just Won't Die; Surviving 4 Nerfs! | Odd DemonHunter | Wild Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Check the description for reasoning as to why I built the deck the way I did!

    Deck Code:

  2. I got to around 250 Legend very chill with a very similar list, cut metamorphosis and 1 priestess and added double fungalmancer

  3. nice deck! i used boom pistol bully just to stop reno sometimes if ever. i might consider using fungal or even priestess. your ghoul package is nice too!

  4. I seriously don't understand why people seem to think DH cards need nerfs to stats/cost. The reason it's strong is the hero power, odd or not. Almost every card that gets run syncs with the heropower so perfectly that unless you just made every card garbage it's always gonna be a good deck

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